MBA with a thesis or without

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  1. Dennis

    Dennis New Member


    taking a look at some MBA programs recently, I've noticed that some of them require a thesis at the end of the program while others can be done completely by coursework. Now, is there a difference(regarding worth and utility) between this two kinds of MBA programs in the business world and academia?

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  2. kevingaily

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    I know that some schools give one the option of either or. One catch is that if one is thinking of gaining their PHD then the thesis is very important. Many doctoral programs require a Master thesis as a pre-requsite for entrance. If the MBA is the terminal degree for one's educational pursuit, then I don't think it is as important.

    On a personal note, a thesis is a great tool to learn to order your thoughts in a complex and long-term project. It also teaches greater indepth study and research skills. These are very good qualities.

    One other point that deserves thought is if the classes better teach one to do the job better. If the classes are tailored for the future prospective position desired, then it may be better to take the classes.
  3. Han

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    I have a VERY strong opinion on this one, from a lesson learned the hard way. I went with the no-thesis. When I started applying for the doctrate, I was told this hurt me. Go with the thesis, go with the thesis, so with the thesis!!
  4. kevingaily

    kevingaily New Member

    Re: Re: MBA with a thesis or without

    Yes!! If a doctorate is in the future it is almost suicidal not to do the thesis.
  5. cogent

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    When I applied for and got accepted into doctoral programs in the past the non-thesis option I took for my masters didn't hurt at all. In fact, today I read something in the Arizona Republic (aka, "Repulsive") about my old football coach Jim Young. He said he just completed an online masters in military history... so I looked it up. It is the Sam Houston State masters in military history. They make an interesting point about non-thesis options and a doctorate:

    An MBA with a thesis? Holy cow. I think it is totally unneeded. Forget the extra hassle, and it is. I wrote a thesis for one of my graduate degrees.

    Bottom line, if the non-thesis option is an issue with some school, sing out "NEXT!" There is a ton of competition in graduate education today... THANK YOU ONLINE!
  6. Dennis

    Dennis New Member

    Is an MBA with thesis also important if one decides to pursue a DBA later?


  7. iquagmire

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    I would also like to know the answer to the DBA question.

    For SHSU, the thesis is not a requirement but it seems that it will be helpful or beneficial - as it states on the Sam Houston State site referenced above under degree requirements (

    The Thesis/Non-Thesis Option
    In deciding whether or not to write a master=s thesis, history students should consider the following information:

    1) Only five percent of our MA students write a thesis.

    2) Writing a thesis is not required for getting into Ph.D. programs. The thesis can help a student later in writing a dissertation, but far more important is the applicant=s GRE score and whether his or her letters of recommendation are written by historians with national reputations. Most of our MA students who have earned Ph.D.s or those currently in Ph.D. programs did not write a master=s thesis.

    Bottom line - It can't hurt to write the theses if considering a doctoral program in the future.
  8. Han

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    I disagree, when I applied to Henley, they asked for a copy of my thesis, which I had not done one. They said when determining who can be a long term researcher for their program, a thesis was their primary tool for evaulation. It hurt me that I did have it. I tried to submit some of the larger reports, but was told that a multi-semester thesis shows the in depth analysis that they would like to see. Just my experience.
  9. kelechi

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    When I completed my MBA program I never wrote a thesis and now I have been admitted into a phd program
  10. kevingaily

    kevingaily New Member

    As we have read, there are two differing opinions. One thing I will say, is that doing a thesis is a very good help in preparing one to do a dissertation. A dissertation is a monumentous task and the thesis will help you to be ready for it. So in that aspect, I'd say yes it is important. Is it necessary? Well, that depends on the school. It would serve you well to ask this question to any perspective schools before you make your final decision.

    Guten Tag mein herr!!!
  11. Han

    Han New Member

    And so was I. I think it would depend on the school, the subject, and the criteria for admission.
  12. master

    master New Member

    How many words does a British / American MBA / M.Sc. thesis usually have?

  13. Han

    Han New Member

    I think this depends on the subject.

    My friend just received her masters in eudcation, and she completed her thesis of 10,000 words.

    I have another friend getting his MBA and writting a 15,000 word thesis.

    It is a ballpark I guess.

    (But my dissertation is 50-70K). Yikes!
  14. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    My MSQA, on an engineering topic, had around 10K words.
    My MAS Grad Research Project (Thesis), researching the technology behind a WWII weapon, had 11K words (my advisors suggested I present a paper which I did).
  15. Bill Grover

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    Entry into the OSU EdD did not require that a master's thesis be done. But this a residential program. Entry into the research DTh at Unizul does require one.

    I've done two , not theses but "term papers", one for ACCS and one for Trinity, which were about 12,000+ words. Most are only about 4,000. My master's thesis was about 20, 000. A thesis of 10, 000 seems short.
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  16. Dennis

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    Danke Kevin

    The reason I've asked whether an MBA thesis is required for a DBA program is that there seems to be a difference between a PhD in business(more theoretical) and a DBA(incorporates both theory and practice). So, I thought, that maybe this two doctorate programs have somewhat different emphasis on (thesis)admission requirements.

    Thanks for you input,

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  17. John Spies

    John Spies Member

    I am just starting my dissertation (UK name for thesis) and it is to be 10-15K words. This is for the MBA. Currently, I have met all requirements to gain the Post-Graduate Diploma. After the dissertation is completed (providing I pass, of course!), I will get the MBA award.
  18. ternahan

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    CSUDH requires ten pages double spaced per credit for course work. Their length standard for the thesis is similar--thus for a four-credit theis, the requirement is a minimum of forty pages of text, plus of course all the introductory pages. Mine in toto runs about sixty-five pages. Parenthetically, there's a research or creative project option. My focus is 19th century American utopian literature.
  19. Bill Grover

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  20. Dr Dave

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    I did my MBA at Boston College which offered the option of writing the thesis or doing two additional courses. I opted for the courses. Later I was accepted to both the Nova University (now Nova Southeastern University) DBA program and The Fielding Institute (now Fielding Institute and University) PhD program in Human and Organizational Development. Neither school required or expected a master's thesis, nor did they hassle or disqualify me. (For the record, in the end I completed the California Pacific University DBA instead.)

    I would also point out that within the world of business, I have never had an employer ask me about an MBA thesis. The extent of their interest has been limited solely to verifying that I earned the MBA--period.

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