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  1. dwilson1979

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    Hello all!

    First off I want to say that this site has been very useful in my pursuit for my degree. I am currently attending Southern New Hampshire University and will be graduating next year with my bachelors in Economics/Finance. I am trying to figure out where I want to go for my MBA and I was considering the University of Michigan - Dearborn. My only question is would the diploma read the University of Michigan - Dearborn or does it read the University of Michigan and the fact I attended the Dearborn campus is only on my transcripts? Also what is the difference from getting a degree from Dearborn rather than Ann Arbor? Is it just where you attended? Thanks for any info!


    I am also considering:
    UMass (MBA)
    Oklahoma State (MBA)
    Flordia State (MBA)
    North Dakota State (Masters in Econ)

    But i lived my whole life in Michigan and always dreamed of getting a degree from Michigan (Ann Arbor of course!) but since I am currently in the military it really isn't possible. I guess I am just wondering how a degree from UofM - Dearborn would measure up to these other schools. Also any other schools that you guys might suggest would be great too. Since I am in the military money really isn't an issue (except for maybe the Duke program). Thanks again!
  2. Kizmet

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    Hi Dave - I'm going to try to answer your questions but I have to say, up front, that you're asking these questions in the wrong place.

    What will the diploma say? - There's no reason to believe that anyone here knows that answer. You should ask the school. Even if someone here gave you an answer, wouldn't you want to get an "official" answer from the school? Don't worry, they'll give you the straight stuff.

    What's the difference between Ann Arbor and Dearborn? - I don't know. What the difference to you? That's what's most important. What's the difference between a Masters from UMass Amherst and UMass Lowell? I'd say the difference is zero. But that's just me. That's the point. It's a difference in perception, not reality.

    "Is it just where you attended?" - No. Because in distance learning there is no "attended."

    Let's face it, you want to be sure that people know that your degree came from Ann Arbor. It's no wonder. That's a great school with a great rep.
    But please know this; once you've earned your degree, regardless of its source, know one will care which campus you "attended." They'll only care about your knowledge and competency in your position.
  3. Henry White

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    You will run across bigots who are often decades behind reality; and who knows where these various colleges and campuses will rate 10-20-30 years from now? More often than not, the answer is dismissed as quickly as the question was brought up because it's really about sports, not academics.

    I do recall, though, that eons ago there was some justification for this snobbery in California with multiple campuses and university systems, with specific bragging rights no matter which one you attended.
  4. smartasia3

    smartasia3 New Member

    First off, the UM Dearborn MBA is definitely NOT the same as the UM Ann Arbor MBA in terms of degree utility and prestige. UM Ann Arbor's Ross School of Business is one of the world's top MBA programs, while the UM Dearborn MBA isn't even ranked.

    On the other hand, a UM Dearborn MBA is technically a "University of Michigan" MBA degree. The degree certificate itself will say that the degree has been awarded by the Regents of "The University of Michigan" upon recommendation of the University of Michigan-Dearborn. The degree will also have the seal of the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor). The degree certificate is a replica of the UM Ann Arbor degree, except that it says "upon the recommendation of the University of Michigan-Dearborn" in small letters.

    UM Dearborn is a satellite campus of the University of Michigan. The real question is whether the "University of Michigan" is a multi-campus university or a university system. Some say it's a university, some say it's a system. I think both are right. The University itself claims that it is only one university with multiple campuses (like the University of Washington). However, each of the campuses are separately accredited --- similar to a university system. The University of Washington is headed towards this same problem --- its satellite campus in Bothell will become separately accredited in a few years. Will this make a University of Washington, Bothell degree any less of a University of Washington degree? (Currently, all campuses are accredited under the single University of Washington - there are no separate accreditations for each campus.)

    For job purposes, I think it would misleading to just state "MBA, University of Michigan". However, from the point of view of University of Michigan Dearborn alumni, you are a graduate of the University of Michigan. In other words, you will feel and be treated as a University of Michigan student, and can correctly call yourself a Wolverine. But prepare to be a second-class "University of Michigan" student. Do some internet research --- there is huge debate between the University of Michigan's satellite campus students and those from Ann Arbor on whether the satellite students should continue to enjoy Ann Arbor privileges such as football tickets, access to libraries in Ann Arbor, etc.

    In the end, I wouldn't choose UM Dearborn just because it's a UM campus. This is like going to Harvard Extension because it's part of Harvard. This is not to say that UM Dearborn or Harvard Extension are inferior to their main universities --- they will probably offer the same quality education --- but you should not choose schools just because they have a nice name. You should look at whether the program meets your needs. If UM Dearborn is what meets your needs, then the issue on whether it is the same as an Ann Arbor degree is moot.
  5. smartasia3

    smartasia3 New Member

    Here's an Ann Arbor degree:

    Here's a Dearborn degree:

    Can you spot the difference? :)

    The Dearborn diploma itself looks impressive, and will look good in any home or office next to a University of Michigan flag, mug and football memorabilia. Your friends will be impressed with the "University of Michigan" on the diploma. But deep down, YOU will know that this isn't the same thing as graduating from UM Ann Arbor Ross.
  6. DBA_Curious

    DBA_Curious New Member

    State schools have a certain legitimacy that other schools do not. So, from that respect, this U of M would probably serve you well. If your choice is limited to PT programs, I think this one isn't a bad one.

    Is there a night school program at the school you'd really want to attend?
  7. Go_Fishy

    Go_Fishy New Member

    True. But keep in mind that

    • most people don't know and don't care half as much about the difference as you do;
    • if it is the University of Michigan (system or satellite), Dearborn can't be a bad school;
    • people choose schools for various reasons.

    Especially, the last point is important. Does Ann Arbor offer you degree online? No. Can you attend a physical campus? No. Does Dearborn offer your degree online? Yes.

    I am just about to enter a program at the Vancouver campus of Washington State University. Now, technically someone could say, "Hey, yours is just a branch campus! You don't have the library, the professors, etc." - Well true, but I do have a job and a life in Portland, OR, and I would rather cut my leg than moving to Pullman, where I would have to wait tables.

    Like it or not, you're not a traditional college kid anymore. You're in the military, which makes you a working professional. So you should pick a schools that meets your needs best. In the end you will have a certificate that says "Michigan," and you'll be in the same alumni organization and root for the same crappy football team like anyone in Ann Arbor. ;)
  8. dwilson1979

    dwilson1979 New Member

    First off thanks to everyone that responded!! You guys answered all my questions. The main point with me is that I know when I retire from the military I will be starting from the ground up. I want to get into business when I get out (finance or maybe some type of economics). I just am trying to figure out how to make my resume look good I guess. A lot of distant learners are already in the business or are just trying to earn promotions in their current jobs by getting their degrees. My job in the military is military police so like I said I am not going to have much business experience when I do retire (10 years from now). Like i stated in my orginal post I have always wanted to attend Michigan but if there is a college out there that would look better on a resume I might consider sacrificing that dream. All these programs really fit my needs (mostly just looking for an MBA) but I know a school like Umass would probably be a better choice with the rankings of the program and everything. Thanks again for everyones time... this is going to be a tough choice for me!

  9. smartasia3

    smartasia3 New Member

    Dave, have you considered full-time MBA programs? The job market isn't too hot right now --- but generally, if you want to make a career switch, the full-time option gives you access to the career services office, networking opportunities, etc. I am currently a full-time MBA student and have classmates with extensive military experience. They're also substantially older than many in my class (I personally know some who are 40+ years old). The job market really sucks right now, but the world will hopefully be different when you retire from the military.

    If you decide to pursue the online MBA route, then you should try leveraging your background to enter an industry that is still related to the military (e.g. aerospace and defense). Switching to Accounting or Finance straight from the military might be a stretch unless you did that for the military.
  10. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

    If you're really so concerned about prestige, why not just go for University of Michigan Ann Arbor's Ross School Executive MBA?
  11. smartasia3

    smartasia3 New Member

    I am absolutely not concerned about prestige. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am more concerned whether or not a degree meets someone's needs. UM Dearborn distance MBA would be a perfect fit for someone who would wants to run his / her own business and needs the knowledge that comes from the MBA coursework. UM Dearborn is also a great option for those currently employed in a technical area (e.g. engineering) and now want to make the shift to management in the same firm. However, making the dramatic shift from military to a business role SOLELY through any distance MBA would be very difficult (but of course, not impossible). I just wanted to mention that for career switchers, it is traditionally thought that the full-time MBA option is better because there is more social interaction (with classmates, recruiters, mentors--- this builds the network you need to make the shift). In fact, I think UM Flint might be a better option for the poster since their MBA at least requires students to be on campus once every six weeks. You could do a lot of networking with the other students.

    Please note that I am a 100% distance learning supporter (I almost took a distance MBA instead of a full-time MBA since I am in my mid-30s) and will likely take a distance degree in the future (probably in accounting, to prepare me for the CPA exam). What I am just saying is that different degrees have different purposes. A full-time MBA is better for some reasons, while a distance MBA is better for other reasons. It all depends on your situation.
  12. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    Hi Dave,
    Ten years is a long was ahead but do you have any idea what king of business you want to get into when you retire from the military? I ask this because there may be a better graduate degree than an MBA to suit your needs.
    I know very little about jobs in the military – is is possible for you to change jobs to obtain experience that may support your future career goals? For example I have worked with several ex-military people in the defense industry who were involved with contractor liaison before becoming civilians.
  13. foobar

    foobar Member

    Faculty Salaries.
    Faculty Research Records.
    Selectivity and student quality.

    The differences are HUGE.
  14. Go_Fishy

    Go_Fishy New Member

    Student quality? So people going to lesser known colleges are "lower quality" students? Don't get me wrong, you probably don't mean it that way, but this is one of the more horrible things I have ever read on this board.
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  15. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

    My above post was directed toward the thread-starter, who betrays his concern with prestige when he asks whether a diploma earned from the University of Michigan Dearborn will say Dearborn on it.
  16. dwilson1979

    dwilson1979 New Member

    The business I would really like to work in is the financial sector (I know this isn't a hot business right now) but it is my overall goal. I don't care if I have to start offer in the lower level of a bank but what I would like to do is something in the banking industry. I am not looking for a job that I am going to make six figures off the bat but I am just trying to make sure that I am setting myself up for success.

    Also if I didn't live in Turkey or was able to have enough leave time to do the executive MBA through Ross believe me I would. Like I said my main concern for prestige is because I am not going to have any experience therefore I am trying to figure out ways to make my resume stand out more. I was also thinking about getting things like grad certificates or whatever else (and maybe become a certified CFA). Thanks again for all the help!
  17. Henry White

    Henry White New Member

    With 10 years to go, you have more than enough time to to earn your degree before retirement! Plus I'm pretty such you can do all or most of it on Uncles's dime without it affecting your benefits under the GI Bill. That's worth checking into!

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