MBA or MPA and in Europe or US?

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  1. xygirl

    xygirl New Member

    I would like to ask a brief opinion from you on the differences between MBA and MPA if my interest go towards the medical field and my career outlook is towards that field.

    A counselor said I should consider management jobs, but I wonder the types of jobs it would offer in the health field.

    Secondly, how would a European degree from the Open University be viewed in the world? They present themselves as highly valued but if YOU would have to choose Open University or an American college for a Master's, what would that be?
    Considering my options for a job in Europe as well as in the US.

    A small opinion is all I ask for from experienced members on this board who know so much.

    I appreciate it.
  2. rabbuhl

    rabbuhl New Member

    My friend's wife earned her MBA from Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) in the Netherlands. She said that all of the books/cases studies were from the U.S. and her courses focused on American companies such as Amazon. Based on this information you might want to consider one of the many AACSB certified online MBAs in the U.S. I am attending Texas A&M--Commerce and so far it has been a good experience.

    Open University would give you a good education but it is easy to find more well-known and highly ranked schools in the U.K. such as Edinburgh, Henley, Manchester, and Warwick for about the same price. IBM recently choose Warwick for its online MBA program. The rankings of these online MBA programs in the U.K. is generally higher than than the ranking of online programs in the U.S. which is something to consider.

    Check out the PDF which shows the top e-learning programmes (according to the

    Also, check out the distance learning information on
  3. Dave C.

    Dave C. New Member

    XY Girl,

    The Open University is generally well-regarded. I think rabbuhl is correct though, you could probably get a more prestigous degree elsewhere. Whether the course content would be better is questionable, but that goes back to the question of whether you are doing the degree for the knowledge gained or for the leverage the qualification gives you.

    I am studying an MBA at Henley in the UK right now. I work for an American international company and chose Henley for their international reputation amongst other things. This does not necessarily strictly apply to the US, as the majority of US employers will not of heard of many non-US universities outwith Oxford, Cambridge and maybe a handful more.

    What I am trying to say is earning a degree to be used in Europe and earning a degree to be used in the US is two often very different things. If you are not sure where you will work then I wouldn't dwell on this issue too much, rather look at courses both sides of the pond and see which have a course structure and content that appeals to you.

    Make a short list of good, accredited business schools/universities and then go from there.

    Fire away with any questions you may have.

    All the best,

    Dave C.
  4. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    If you're thinking about management jobs in the healthcare field, you might consider a MHA (Master of Healthcare Administration) degree.
  5. rabbuhl

    rabbuhl New Member

    It is too bad that online schools in the U.S. and Europe do not offer a dual U.S./European MBA. That way a student could get a degree which is recognized in both countries.

    I am doing this myself by trying to take courses at both Texas A&M--Commerce (online) and University of Amsterdam (offline). Hopefully, this works out okay and I can earn my degree from Texas A&M--Commerce with some international business courses from University of Amsterdam.
  6. Dave C.

    Dave C. New Member


    There is this one, although not online and you'd better have deep pockets:

    LBS/Columbia MBA

    All the best,

    Dave C.

  7. xygirl

    xygirl New Member

    Thank you,
    First of all, to get things clear, I'll decide between MPublic Administration (Health care direction) or MHR(human resources). Because I really would like to focus on being able to counsel, coach or guide people either in health care or other areas.

    Secondly, if I would consider jobs in Europe, than what universities would be highly recommended? How can I find out about these and are they online of course?
    I mentioned the OPen UK university since it's mentioned on this forum, but I don't know how to find well-ranked ones for those degrees.

    Thanks again, because I really learn a lot with your help.
    I appreciate it!
  8. Dave C.

    Dave C. New Member


    Did you look at the first PDF file rabbuhl provided?

    If so you may of noticed George Washington University runs an online 'Healthcare MBA'.

    Sounds ideal for you, see link below:

    GWU Healthcare MBA

    You might also want to look into Ted's suggestion. I spent a year researching before I made my decision. The information is all out there on the internet, you just have to take the time to dig around and find it.

    All the best,

    Dave C.

  9. fortiterinre

    fortiterinre New Member

    Health administration jobs usually require some kind of experience first; the master's degree, whether, MBA, MPA, or MHA (all common for health administrators) often comes via part-time study, hopefully paid for by the employer. For many health administration jobs, the entry degree is often a clinical one (such as nursing or social work) or a generalist one such as business or HR.

    For this reason, check the placement statistics for any health admin master's program you consider--specific job titles, specific companies, specific salary ranges. School which cannot provide this data are almost certainly not placing grads into these jobs. Good luck--
  10. xygirl

    xygirl New Member


    Thank you,
    It is discouraging if the MPA is usually for those who already have a position.
    Now, I'm questioning this area more if it wont allow me much options.
    I looked at that great list that Rabbuhl gave and it says Open university is only supported in Europe and not in the states. Would that be correct?

    How different is the Management in Development. I read about it, but cannot seem to figure out what to think about 'development'.

  11. rabbuhl

    rabbuhl New Member

    You will need to consider the travel costs/time when choosing an online program. So, check whether a program has any residency requirements and whether exams are completely online or require going to a testing center (or finding a proctor/invigilator).

    Open University has regional centers throughout Europe where students take exams and can contact tutors, etc. They have them in other countries as well but not in the U.S. Also, I am not 100% sure but I seem to recall that some OU courses might require you to travel to the U.K. as part of the course requirements (please verify with the OU).
  12. xygirl

    xygirl New Member

    Travel or examination will not be a problem. Well, it's not my concern if I find what I really want to do and if the OU has a good reputation.
    However, my concern is what they mean by development management. Their website is not that great for information, nor to find out what careers it leads to.
    I still don't really understand the differences between MHR or Development Management.
    I guess I'll have to call them.
    Unless I can find out about other DL universities in Europe.
  13. rabbuhl

    rabbuhl New Member

  14. rabbuhl

    rabbuhl New Member

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