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Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by Ron Dotson, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Ron Dotson

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    I am interested in online adjuncting (part-time) when I finish at FHSU. I will have the graduate coursework listed below completed from FHSU and Touro (TUI). What I've completed at that time will give me the minimum 18 semester hours in Management course-work but will it be enough to gain the interest of a prospective employer/school? Should I look at other Business or Management related course-work? I'm interested in the History program at APU/AMU but if I need to add more to the subject area that I already have, I would want to do that first. Thanks for any feedback.

    Fort Hays State University

    IDS 801 Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies, 1 semester hour
    IDS 802 Ways of Knowing in Comparative Perspective, 3 semester hours
    IDS 803 Origins and Implications of the Knowledge Society, 3 semester hours
    IDS 804 Information Literacy, 3 semester hours
    LDRS 806, Teambuilding, Teamwork, and Teamleading, 3 semester hours
    COMM 606 Conflict Management through Communication, 3 semester hours
    MGT 611 Human Resource Management, 3 semester hours
    MGT 612 Recruitment, Selection, and Retention, 3 semester hours
    MGT 613 Total Compensation, 3 semester hours
    MGT 614 Training and Development, 3 semester hours
    GBUS 673 Employment Law, 3 semester hours
    GBUS 674 Culminating Experience, 3 semester hours

    Touro University International

    MGT 501 Management and Organizational Behavior, 4 semester hours
    MGT 506 Strategic Leadership, 4 semester hours
    MGT 509 Human Resource Management, 4 semester hours
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    Hi Ron - I don't have any more experience than you when it comes to adjunct teaching online but my logical head tells me that if you only have the minimum qualifications and no experience teaching, then your resume is probably going to be shifted to the bottom of the pile pretty quickly. Now it's important to say that I don't think you'll wind up in the circular file but I'm guessing (just guessing) that when it comes to qualifications for these sorts of jobs, more is better. If I were you I'd apply anyway but continue the coursework. Maybe a note to the Department Head to figure out if they need more of this and less of that might help yo decided which additional courses you want to take. Good luck.

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