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    Many people come to this forum asking if a particular University is accredited or not, the link below from the German government provides a list of recognized Universities for immigration and work purposes in Germany. The list also provides a list of Universities that are not recognized. The site is in German but it is intuitive, you can also use a translator from Google. Interesting enough, many of the schools discussed here such as Walden, Capella, etc are not recognized. However, the big three (Excelsior, etc) are recognized. The site also explains that some of the schools discussed here like Azteca are only recognized for the programs on campus that have government approval but not for most of the online operations with other private institutions. A good resource for the online program seeker.
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    Hi Sheila - Welcome to DegreeInfo. I appreciate your providing us with the information about the German government site but I'm afraid that one of out little widgets must not have worked properly because your hyperlink didn't show up. Can I talk you into a second try?
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    I'm not Sheila, but if you really want to know that link there is an original to Sheila's copy:
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    Yes, you don't look anything like Sheila . . .

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