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Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by rsnsmh, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. rsnsmh

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    I am planning to enroll in Master of Information Systems Security. I don't have a bachelor degree but has been working in Networking, Security for last 10+ years in multiple Fortune 50 companies and I also have multiple Industry Certifications as well.

    One of the motivation for enrolling in Masters is due to the fact that a lot of job posting require Bachelor or equivalent and it is difficult to go pass the HR without a formal degree despite having necessary skills, certifications.

    Now my question is if put Masters without a bachelor in my resume will that raise red flags? And if I answer to someone that I have a Masters but not Bachelors degree, will they think I am just doing bs. Will this be adequate to meet requirement of Bachelors or equivalent for job opportunities? I am not looking in academia or govt.
  2. Jeff Walker

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    A masters without any bachelors or a masters without an IS/CS bachelors?

    If the former, what RA institution is allowing this? There are early entry programs in some professional fields that result in a professional degree without ever receiving a bachelors, but simply starting at the masters level seems degree millish.

    If the latter, it's no big problem at all. The masters in IS/CS will take the place of the bachelors and probably be considered better than merely a bachelors.
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    University of Maryland University College appears to allow students with bachelor's degrees to apply to their online one-year MBA program: Online One-Year MBA FAQs | UMUC
  4. rsnsmh

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    It's a non US university, Charles Sturt University in Australia.

    "Applicants seeking entry to the Masters degree on the basis of IT work experience are encouraged to first apply through the Graduate Certificate of Information Systems Security. On completion of the Graduate Certificate, entry to the Masters will be guaranteed, with full credit for all subjects completed."
  5. asfastasdark

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    people with a cyber master's can do the mba at UMUC pretty quick as well.
  6. jumbodog

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    I'm not sure if the OP is still around but just for archival sake I want to note that there is no US regional accrediting organization that requires either a high school diploma/GED for a BA or a BA for an MA. The reason for this is that it is the school's job, not the RA's job, to set the standards for admissions. The RA accredits a school they do not do pass/fail on an individual's application for admissions. The normal route if HS---->BA---->MA but there are always exceptions. So long as one can convince the school to admit one, that's the end of the matter. So any RA school can admit anyone, as they chose.
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    Charles Sturt is definitely a known quantity. My former Manager is from Australia he spoke well of the school.

    I think you will be fine with this route. You will always encounter those "opposed" to such an idea but you will likely find more who are fascinated by the fact you are able to enroll at the Masters level like this.

    Good luck.

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