Master's Program that is NOT writing-intensive?

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    Good afternoon!

    Maybe it is wishful thinking on my part, but does anyone know of a regionally-accredited master's program that the majority of the program is studying and taking tests versus writing? I understand that at the master's level it involves writing but are there ANY master's programs out there that involve the study/test method for most of the classes?

    Thanks all!
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    I don't know of any in the U.S. but I know Assam Don Bosco University's online MBA is test-heavy. There's a project viva voce at the end.
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    Heriot-Watt also offers some MSc that are exam based.
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    This is exam-based with no term papers, but these particular exams are going to call on every writing muscle, so not sure if it counts: University of London Master of Laws (LL.M.) "All modules are assessed by a 45-minute unseen written exam, which you can sit in May or October. You can sit your exams at any of our approved centres around the world." There are pathways to entry for students with no prior law degree.

    You might find another University of London distance learning taught master's, from the academic unit formerly known as University of London External Programmes, that's also assessed based on exams. Queen Victoria chartered the unit to offer "external" (distance learning) degrees by examination in 1858. Online is just a phase.
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    STEM programs are usually not writing-intensive. I've found non-traditional schools to generally be more writing-intensive than traditional schools, and many non-traditional schools offer IT programs. So, I wouldn't be surprised if there were writing-intensive IT programs. Non-traditional schools tend to stay away from graduate programs in science and math.

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