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    Dose anyone know of any masters degrees in exercise science, sports science, nutrition or a related field that are from an RA school?

    The only two that I could find are United States Sports Academy and California University of Penn.

    Please don't confuse the above majors with Sports Management, because I am not interested in that.

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  3. Matt R

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    Edith Cowan

    I think there are several out there. Edith Cowan (Australia) advertises a strength and conditioning related Ex Sci masters. Kizmet has a good point - search kinesiology...also try human movement science. Somewhere along the way I posted a link to such a program....but now I don't remember where it was...I am working on a PhD now via University of Zululand in South Africa (I don't think you could do a masters this way at UZULU; PhD is a research degree and only for those that already have a masters).
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    Paste the following search query in google:

    "distance learning" OR "online degree" AND master kiniesiology OR "exercise science" OR "human movement"

    Good luck!

    - Tom
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  6. bo79

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    thanks for all the help guys. i didn't know there was so many good choices out there.
  7. bo79

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    would you mind letting in know what your phd is in and how you like it? i was also thinking about doing a dl phd at this school in the past.
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    Human Movement Science


    My PhD program is Human Movement Science. It is going well so far. These are good programs (the Commonwealth model) only if someone is self motivated to work fairly independently. Of course that is what a research degree at this level is about; learning to do high level research that contributes new knowledge to the field. In my case, I did not have to take any further class work. However, in many ways it is more difficult, since i have many things I need to learn on my own in order to get the research done. For example, I am using EMG as part of my testing and I have never used it before. Rather than taking a nice lab course in the use of EMG, I have to read up on it, contact experts in the field to ask questions, and practice with it.

    Technically it is not a DL program; I'm just not on campus. That may seem like a fine line distinction, but the university is not setting out to attract DL students. I piched the idea of doing this degree from the US to my then potential promoter. My promoter agreed it could be done, then pitched the idea to the faculty and they approved. Their only stipulation was that I come to campus to present my research proposal. They will allow me to defend my thesis telephonically. Essentially I have handled everything to date via e-mail. Indeed, doing it this way I have more 'contact' with my promoter in SA than I had with my major professors on campus for my BS and MS.
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    thanks for the info matt. good luck with your degree and keep us posted on how it goes. this degree is something that i might be interested in doing in the future.
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  11. bo79

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    Thanks Delta! Would you happen to know what exactly the tuition is? I could not find this info on the site. Also is says the degree takes 3-4yrs to complete which is a long time for a masters degree. I wonder why it's so long?
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    I just found it. It is $197.25 for each credit hr. Not bad at all.
  13. Delta

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    I think it takes 3 to 4 years because some course offerings are only offered during the summer.

    They have a Masters in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Human performance that may be faster to complete.

    Good Luck!
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    Matt (and others!)

    On the very slim chance you're reading this -

    Would you mind telling me what the costs are for PhD (in total or per semester) with Zululand and UNISA? I've heard some outrageous claims like U$5,000 for the whole thing that surely can't be correct?
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