Marymount University's Doctor of Science in Cybersecurity

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    Fees per credit for all programs are here:

    Looks like it's 36 credits post-Master's. At $1095 a credit plus odds and ends fees, that should make it around $40K, tuition-related expense only. I'm not making any value judgments - I'm not qualified.
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    That's an odd formulation, since there's more than one university out there named "Marymount". Anyway, this is the one in Arlington, Va., where I used to work, and while it's been a while, from that experience I'd expect that this is done competently.
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    Really? I aware this is the only "Marymount University" in Arlington, Virginia. others are Marymount College, Loyola Marymount University, Marymount Military Academy, Marymount Manhattan College, Marymount California University. I think the program is really attracting IT professional in the Washington D.C region.

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