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  1. MichaelGates

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    Market Cursos

    I would like to hear from those who have take Masters from Market Cursos.

    What program did you take?
    What were the tests like?
    Writing assignments? Length?
    Was a thesis required? Size?
    Details please.
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  2. tadj

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    I would avoid propios that aren't issued by accredited universities. Market Cursos relies on and there isn't any government accreditation that they would fall under as a degree-granting entity. They also provide potentially misleading information like this in the FAQ section:

    Question: Are they valid outside of Spain?

    Answer: It is valid in the member countries of the European Union, since it is supported by the Organic Law of Universities. Now, if you want to use it outside the countries that are in the European Union, it is important that the document be legalized, that is, that it be accredited through the Apostille of The Hague. What this accreditation will allow is the placing on the document, an apostille that grants the authenticity of the signature, therefore, it can be recognized by any other country.
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  3. Johann

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    So would I - if I wanted a true título propio. These, under discussion, aren't. They're not awarded by a recognized university.
    It seems, in practice anyway, that some outfits doing business as quasi-universities, business schools etc.can (or think they can) award degrees under their own trade-name in Spain.

    "Is it a degree? Sure - it says so, right on the diploma." Reminds me of the "lawsuit guitars" from the Far East, some years back.
    "What you mean - is not real Gibson? Say Gibson, right here on headstock." :)

    "Yeah, right," I say - to all these so-called "propio degrees." Tired of people calling anything that's cheap a "propio." Some of them probably wear "propio" "Rolex" watches they bought for $75 and the women dress in "propio" Versace.

    Once more: Let's 'keep it real.'
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  4. Mac Juli

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    I did that stuff, was immediately offered a job as CEO in a Spanish company and at least ten fiery-eyed flamenco dancing women made overtures in my direction. I can recommend it. Just do it! It's great!!!

    Why that? :)
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  5. Johann

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    ¿Bailarinas de flamenco? ¡Me registro hoy! ¿Qué curso? (Flamenco dancers? I'm signing up today! Which course?)
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  6. Mac Juli

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    ¡No importa!
    ¡Son todos buenos!
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  7. datby98

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  8. Johann

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    They have some really interesting courses of study. They're just not real, valid degrees, from a recognized university. But nobody will ever convince them that they can sell courses without a "degree-sticker." Vocational, career and distance schools all over the world DO it - and succeed. I've bought lots of non-degree courses - but I won't shell out a nickel for a fantasy degree. Well, maybe Abide U. or Universal Life Church are exceptions -- but that's as far as I'll go. :)
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  9. Johann

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    Not all unrecognized degrees are bad or worthless. But it's a VERY bad, dishonest thing to wrap them in pages of "Bologna Process" - or "Organic Law" bafflegab - to make them LOOK recognized.

    "Bologna Process" - a legit concept. But the way it's sliced by hucksters, straight-out baloney.
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