Mark Israel made has reach the 72 hour window!

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    Thank you all so much for you many wonderful wishes, I have to admit that many times I was jealous of the time Mark give to posting on degree info, but all of you have given me the inside to value even more his participation.

    Well, Mark made it to today, he has had two operations, and seems to be breaking the deep comma. The 72 hours is a critical point, but is not set in stone, but so far so good.

    The doctor did not give me any big hopes to hold on to, so now I have to use all my studies and see if he can be reach.

    I am playing music to him, reding all of your post, wich I print and take to him, I am talking as much as possible and trying to apply massage and compresion to the parts I can reach (arms and feet).

    Input from any of the forum with nursing experience or with relatives that had skull trauma is very helpful for me now.

    He has move arms and legs as of last night, and this was not happening before, so please, keep praying for my Mark.

    many thanks again, Rosie Israel "proudly Mrs. Mark Israel"
  2. -kevin-

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    best wishes again. Keep the faith in Mark's desire to be with you. He'll come around.

    Kindest regards,

    GUNSMOKE New Member

    God bless you Rosie!

    Your love, devotion and perseverance will pull Mark up to where he can fight for his own healing.

    Our prayers are with you and Mark.
  4. uncle janko

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    Hi Rosie:
    You are doing exactly the right stuff: reading to Mark, talking to him--try singing familiar songs, too--to make whatever cognitive contact is possible through the "fog" of coma. The sensory stimulation via massage is also very good. Be persistent in doing these things, and the rest is in God's hands.
    Mark is very fortunate to have a smart and loving wife. We are all very proud of you, Rosie, and continue to wish both of you the best.
  5. JLV

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    Congratulations, Rosie! Those are great news! Espero que pronto puedan estar juntos Vds. Un fuerte abrazo.
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    Hello Rosie - I feel I know you from all Mark's postings about your experiences with school. I'm so sorry this has happened. I am a nurse, although not a neuro nurse. I have seen some very very fantastic and miraculous recoveries from head trauma at my hospital.

    Do continue to talk to Mark as much as you can, read to him, touch him as much as you can. This is a holistic approach but one I strongly believe in. The fact he is moving his arms and legs is a good sign. Do not be afraid to talk to and ask questions of the doctors, don't let their white coats intimidate you, and also listen to what they tell you. I find many times family members are so distracted they don't listen. I know it's hard, I know you are probably quite tired by now.

    ICU nurses are very very good at what they do. They will fully support Mark in every way they can within the scope of their practice.

    We are all praying for Mark's recovery. Have faith and be strong. Let us know how things are going when you have time.
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    Thanks for the update Rosie, I'm sure that we're all hoping for Marks return to home and his family.
  8. Carlos M. Lorie

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    Hang in there Rosie.

    Hang in there Rosie.

    We are all with you, you are not alone.

    Let us know of any other developement.

  9. pugbelly

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    I will keep you both in my prayers. Hang in there.
  10. nobycane

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    I do wish Mark a speedy recovery, and I will keep him in our prayers.

    He seems to be a strong individual...and I am sure that he will be back in no time!!!

  11. philosophy

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    Rosie, You are doing all that you can for Mark. It is good that you are willing to share with us the status of him. I want you to know that I am thinking of you both at this time, and that I said a prayer for you today. Keep in touch!
  12. Guest

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    Rosie, as an Critical Care RN I can assure you that you are doing the right things. Healing takes time, and given time Mark will recover. It is far better the doctor not get your hopes up, than give you unreasonable expectations. That way any surprises will be positive not negative.

    Please however take care of yourself as well. It is as important as taking care of Mark. Keep doing what you are doing, but let the nurses do the dirty work for now. There will be plenty of time for you to wait on Mark when he is home.

    Make sure you get enough rest, make sure you eat regularly and get out of the hospital and take an hour a day just for yourself. Relax a bit, soak in the bathtub, take a relaxing walk and recharge yourself. Your work is just beginning. Mark will have you waiting on him hand and foot soon enough.

    Make sure you understand what the doctors and nurses are doing and why. The nurses will be I am sure especially happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Talk to your family and your friends, and let them take over for you once in a while. Things will be difficult for a short time, but after it passes you and Mark will barely recall all the work you put in to see that your family is whole again.

    Your notes about the purposeful movements are good news indeed. Keep the faith and remember we are all keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.


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    as we move into the weekend, please know that as we each celebrate the sabbath in our own way that we are keeping you and Mark in our hearts, and that we are praying for both of you and lifting our voices in prayer with both of you.
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    best wishes again and keep strong.

    bless you
  15. Bruce

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    Hopefully, this is the first of many pieces of good news that we'll be getting about Mark's recovery.

    My continued best wishes for both you & Mark. As Matthew mentioned, please do take care of yourself, also. You need to be strong & rested for when Mark comes home from the hospital.
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    My prayers for Mark are being lifted to God right now.

    I remember helping him some with all the questions about CA teaching credentials. I haven't been on the forum much for some time, but I remember that thread.

    We are blessed to hear the news you report about him.

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  18. Dr. Gina

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    Rosie, listen to Matthew..he is right. Working as a medical social worker I have seen many a family member burn themselves out by not taking time for themselves. Try and solicit help from you family and friends as well. It is important that you get as much rest as you can, an get to know not only the nurses and doctors, but every member of the mutlidiciplinary team (social worker, pastorial care, dietician, ect....) each and every person will play an imprtant role in Marks recovery.

    As for the holistic methods that you are using, you are on the right track. If Mark had a favorite CD, or TV Show, or book that you can read to him - do so (even reading these posts would be helpful). It is important that he "be around" the familiar.

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    6 days and going

    Thanks, many thanks to all for your prayers and information.

    I am reading every bit I can, trying to sleep and eat and all the rest (as difficult as it is). We do have a 12 year-old-kid that needs me too.

    First some updates on Mark:

    We have read each post from degree info and any e-mail send to him several times (in fact once a day).

    He has started to open his eyes but the ocular coordination needs more time.

    He has been moving his left hand, thumb and index fingers more than the others and today he grasped my hand and my mother-in-law's hand.

    So we seem to be moving out of deep coma to a moderate one.

    I am keeping hope, and taking every new body part that moves as they come.

    My second news (and I know Mark would have posted this)
    is that yesterday I got my CSET scores back and I have now pass all three subtest.

    I think that since Mark is out for the moment, you the members of degree info are the ones I should share this news with.

    Again many thanks, and God bless you all for your support
  20. uncle janko

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    I'm so happy to hear that Mark is making progress. Your efforts together are bearing fruit. Also, congrats on your tests. You and your family remain in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks for your kindness, Rosie, in keeping us updated on how Mark and you are doing.

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