Marianne Williamson's Start at the Philosophical Research Society

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    Viewers of the Democratic debate last night watched Marianne Williamson, previously most famous for her 1990s spiritual book A Return to Love and appearances on Oprah, talk about meeting Donald Trump on a field and defeating his power of fear with the power of love.

    From a 1992 Los Angeles Times profile of Williamson:
    You might recognize the Philosophical Research Society. For a time, this on-site institution, founded in 1934, had a degree-granting distance learning arm. The University of Philosophical Research was founded in 2000 and became nationally accredited by DEAC, but withdrew from DEAC accreditation while under show-cause earlier this month. The UPR offered the MA in Consciousness Studies or Transformational Psychology, and the BA in Liberal Studies. The University no longer seems to be referenced on the Philosophical Research Society’s site.

    Further reading:

    The Power, the Glory, the Glitz: Marianne Williamson, an ex-nightclub singer, has attracted many in Hollywood with her blend of new-time religion and self-help––and alienated more than a few (Terry Pristin, Los Angeles Times, February 16, 1992)

    The Strange History of Los Feliz’s Mysterious Metaphysical Research Center (Gustavo Turner, LA Weekly, December 1, 2016)
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