Major Study: Unproctored Online Exams Provide Meaningful Assessment

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  1. Jonathan Whatley

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    Published in the high-impact Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and edited by giant of cognitive psychology Henry Roediger:
    Unproctored online exams provide meaningful assessment of student learning (Jason C. K. Chan and Dahwi Ahn, PNAS, 102(31).) (Open access under CC BY 4.0.)
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    It's all about how the assessment is designed! The assessment can be meaningful or could simply be another multiple-choice thing.
  4. Johann

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    Right. I hear that since this news came out, they've been party... oops, I mean rejoicing, over at ENEB - home of the single exam,
    50-question multiple-choice MBA. :)
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    One way to make it work is to select a random group for retesting in a controlled environment. The mere chance of being "audited" might discourage cheating.
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    I'm reminded of the study from the University of West Georgia the results of which suggested online students cheat less, not more, than those on campus.
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