MAGA wants putin to win

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    I'm gonna nitpick on a point people in the West routinely miss or get wrong:
    1. Thus Russia, which was then named the USSR, regained its historical lands
    The entity that now goes by "Russia" was then known as the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic or RSFSR. It's important because people often repeat that Ukraine "separated from" Russia in 1991. No. That's the year both former Republics got their independence from the USSR. Ukraine was not a part of the Russian state as it's constituted now. RF is not Russian Empire nor USSR any more than Turkey is the Roman Empire. Ukraine is a "new" country in the exact same sense as Russia is; both nations are technically 33 years old.

    P. S. for the same reason, they're neither "defeated Nazis" nor "paid the highest price" for defeating the Nazis. In fact, territories that suffered the most in WWII and the first part of XX century are now Ukraine.
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    One interesting thing that seemed to come out of the Putin interview is that Putin is apparently out of touch with political thinking here in the USA. I really thought he'd have a better handle on it since he could easily have folks reading political articles being written here and getting summaries given to him. Instead of trying to communicate something that would make sense to Republicans or Democrats he just blathered on about his stupid historical argument going back hundreds of years trying to justify the silly idea that Ukraine somehow belongs to Russia. It makes me think that maybe he's also getting out of step with what the Russian people are thinking as well?
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    MAGA wants whatever Trump wants and Trump admires Putin. Do not look for critical thought.
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    In that case, Tucker might want to stay away from windows for a few months (at least).
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    And avoid drinking tea or wearing underpants.
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    So according to Putin logic, Russia and China both must bend their knee to Mongolia! I think Putin should bend his knee first then I'm sure that Xi Jinping will follow suit. :confused:
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    Mongolia is one of my favourite countries. A country with 3.5 million people and 16 million sheep can hardly do wrong in my book. Want proof? Ask New Zealand. That's a lovely place as well, with about the same STP (Sheep to People) ratio. I'm in favour of giving sheep proper Parliamentary representation, according to their numbers. :)

    Mongolia has a beautiful alphabet, from Genghis Khan's days. It was learned from one captured Uighur scribe.

    (Wikipedia) "At the very beginning of the Mongol Empire, around 1204, Genghis Khan defeated the Naimans and captured a Uyghur scribe called Tata-tonga, who then adapted the Uyghur alphabet—a descendant of the Syriac alphabet, via Sogdian—to write Mongol. With only minor modifications, it is used in Inner Mongolia to this day."

    I've heard that the alphabet is taught again in (Outer) Mongolian schools and is beginning once again to coexist with the modified Russian script (Outer) Mongolians have used since the early 20th century. Somewhere, I have a lot of Mongolian postage stamps using the Russian-style script.

    The Uighurs - scribe Tata-tonga's nation were very influential in China, at one time.

    "The rapid rise of the Uighurs in the eighth century coincided with a period when the Tang dynasty in China was weakening. During the An Lu-shan rebellion against the Tang from 755-763, the Uighurs saved the dynasty and in return received rich payments of silk and other Chinese goods..."

    From here:

    Today, China has about 1,000,000 Uighurs detained indefinitely in "Political Retraining camps." When questioned by Human Rights groups, Chinese authorities denied the existence of the camps.
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