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    I am looking for an accredited program for either Master of Divinity or Doctor of Divinity program (long distance or at least minimum residential). I am not looking for a traditional Christian one though but more for one in Interfaith, Buddhism etc. (though I am not excluding Christian ones). I really like Naropa University's program though they do not offer long distance. Are there any other ones?

    Thank you for your help!
  2. emmzee

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    MDiv is traditionally a Christian degree; there are probably some interfaith options out there but most that you find will be Christian in nature.

    You may want to look for a Master of Religious Studies or somesuch degree instead, it is more likely to be taught from a secular/interfaith perspective.

    One notable example of a school that offers such degrees online (although quite expensive otherwise I'd sign up myself) is University of Wales Trinity Saint David (the new university that formed when University of Wales Lampeter merged with Trinity University College):

    Postgraduate, Courses, School of Theology, Religion and Islamic Studies, Faculty of Humanities; University of Wales Trinity Saint David
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    So a DMin is not interfaith, overall?
  4. Ted Heiks

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  5. PatsGirl1

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    Overall, no. It's primarily Christian and not meant to be interdisciplinary or interfaith. A Doctor of Arts usually covers that more. It is meant to be a "higher order" practical degree based on the actual profession of ministering, although does delve more into esoteric concepts than the MDiv does.

    That's my understanding, anyway...

    And you were right in the other thread, BTW... I've been checking out MDiv programs now too... for later use ;)
  6. cravenco

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    Or DDiv. or D Biblical Studies. ;)
  7. Ted Heiks

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    I have never heard of an MA Div. What is it?
  8. cravenco

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  9. MA Div. sounds like Master of Arts in Divinity. I think a Master of Divinity is M.Div. without the A.
  10. cdhale

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    I think the OP just made a mistake and put Ma.Div instead of M.Div in the title. If you read the original post in this thread, it specifically states that he (or she) is looking for a Masters of Divinity or a Doctorate of Divinity.
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    Yes. The only MA in Divinity I know of is offered by Canyon College, which has been identified as a mill by persons more knowledgeable than myself.
  12. Ted Heiks

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    In the US, a Doctor of Divinity is largely an honorary degree. In the UK, the Doctor of Divinity is a higher doctorate (above the PhD).
  13. Ted Heiks

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  14. Boethius

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    The M.Div is like the MBA for the private sector and MPA for public or non-profit sectors. All are professional degrees that show one has the knowledge and skills to run an establishment or enterprise. In this case, M.Divs run a church or religious establishment. That's my understanding of the MDiv. In the US, at least in the Northeast, Catholic priests must have their MDivs before being ordained. This is in addition to an MA in Theology if they choose to do the extra work during their four years in a seminary. Not sure what a Doctor of Divinity is. Could be the equivalent of a DBA and DPA.

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