Luther Seminary Tuition-Free Low-Residency MA & MDiv

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  1. Jonathan Whatley

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    "Thanks to our generous donors, we’re able to offer all newly admitted M.A. and M.Div. students a scholarship covering 100% of tuition," Luther Seminary announces.

    Most of Luther Seminary's MA and MDiv (and DMin) programs can be completed online with one or two short residencies per year on campus in Saint Paul, MN. The seminary offers MA programs in Lutheran Ministries (Deacon and Chaplain); Children, Youth, and Family Ministry; Leadership and Innovation for Ministry; Christian Ministry; Bible; History of Christianity; Justice and Reconciliation; and Systematic Theology.

    Luther Seminary is the largest seminary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and also trains ministers for other denominations.
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    Quote from a graduate of this seminary: "some of us think ELCA really stands for “Everything Luther Cautioned Against"", so just be aware that the associated denomination is ultra-liberal in its theological and ethical stance. There are more orthodox Lutheran bodies in North America; Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS), Wisconsin Synod (WELS), Lutheran Church - Canada, etc.

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  3. Jonathan Whatley

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    Uncle Janko is laughing heartily from the hereafter, I trust. (A WELS pastor, he was a key poster on DegreeInfo then DegreeDiscussion; he left this vale of tears in 2009.)
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    And I miss him to this day.
  5. Messdiener

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    So many good memories of his posts here. May he rest in peace!
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    As a person interested in languages, I always admired Uncle J. In one of his posts, he (too) modestly admitted to reading nine languages. I'm guessing the true total was more like 14. :) I was amazed at his frequent, multilingual puns.

    When he got really animated on a subject (quite often) he'd get his "Carpathian wig" on and lapse into Romanian. So I will too, in his honour. "Mulțumesc foarte mult, Janko Preotul." Thank you very much, Fr. Janko. (He often signed his posts "Janko Preotul.")

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