Louisiana State’s 2-Year/$25k EdD in Leadership Studied

Discussion in 'Education, Teaching and related degrees' started by CavTrooper, Apr 24, 2022.

  1. CavTrooper

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    I was looking for online business doctorates and found this Education program at LSU-Shreveport. Seems like a solid option for those seeking a distance EdD. The program offers several specializations, is completed fully online, and according to the website, can be completed in two years. Tuition is $411/credit.


    LSU seems to provide some very decent offerings at extremely competitive tuition rates. The school also has an online MBA that costs around $13k, takes 10 months, and is AACSB accredited.

    Some great options from LSU!
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  2. JoshD

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    I was an Instructional Coach for LSU-Shreveport in their MBA program. I helped with the Accounting Analytics for Fraud course. It was fairly interesting and seems like a great program.

    I have no clue on the EdD though. Lol
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  3. Vonnegut

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    That would be a serious course load to complete in two years. Interesting concentration choices though and well priced.
  4. Rich Douglas

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    I think this matters:

    Please note: The Ed.D. program is a competitive admissions program and as such, not all applicants who apply will be admitted. Each concentration accepts approximately 7-10 new students per year.
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  5. Futuredegree

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    Guessing there is a dissertation because there is 15 credits in research
  6. Dustin

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    Indeed. Eastern's 7 week terms allow you to complete 30 credits in 10 months. It sounds like you'd need to keep that 7 week speed for 2 years to cover the 63 credits.
  7. felderga

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    This seems like a good deal ... too bad this didn't exist a year ago.

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