Louisiana Baptist vs Trinity Theological Seminary

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by cesmith78, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. AsianStew

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    Find your SBC schools that are accredited. Otherwise, it's a waste of your hard earned cash for an unaccredited degree.
    Heck, I can print you one out for cheap or FREE! Save yourself the cash and use it for a real education...
  2. Ted Heiks

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    Unaccredited schools don't have much credibility in my book.
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  3. Ted Heiks

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    They're all degree mills.
  4. FTFaculty

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    They are irrelevant at this point because you do not possess a bona fide bachelor's degree. Again, go back and get a genuine education. As one Christian to (purportedly) another, do the honest thing, get an actual degree, then you can look into a graduate degree. To do otherwise would be bearing false witness about your credentials, and that is wrong. I could not possibly care less how many other Baptists have fallen for the false claims made by this degree mill or foolishly hired pastors who have worthless educations from it. That does not make it right, anymore than the foolishness of Baptists at supporting the tyranny of people such as Al Mohler makes his abuse of a once-legitimate denomination right.

    Repent and get a real education or answer to the Lord who will one day demand an accounting of everyone who thinks they have any business teaching anyone about ultimate truth. Your call, dude.
  5. me again

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    Cesmith78, it's a question of utility and not emotionalism. An unaccredited degree cannot be accepted by a "regionally accredited" Southern Baptist university. For example, Campbellsville University is Southern Baptist and is "regionally accredited." However, Campbellsville University will not accept or recognize an unaccredited degree, even if it caters to Southern Baptists. If you want proof, then please email or call Campbellsville University and ask them if they will accept your unaccredited degree for use towards their M.Th (they will not).
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  6. Garp

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    Two Baptist schools have in the past considered admitting people with unaccredited bachelors degrees (probation status):
    Liberty University
    Luther Rice Seminary

    Both have online Masters degrees. Neither is very expensive. They won't likely be as easy as Andersonville but you will bury (or to a certain extent cover) your Andersonville degree with an accredited Masters. Your ATS degree will then have been an inexpensive stepping stone to an accredited grad degree and possibly future doctoral study. Something to consider especially if you are young or middle aged or just want to increase your credibility.
  7. FTFaculty

    FTFaculty Well-Known Member

    Good advice. Hopefully by some minor miracle the OP doesn't get too sour over being told the truth about his credentials and comes back around, reads your post, and embarks on a legitimate education. Am not a major fan of LU for various reasons, but they at least are a legitimate university, and if they'll accept some of his credits, he'll be getting more out of his alleged education than apparently it's worth.
  8. cesmith78

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    I've checked with both those schools and they no longer accept Andersonville degrees. That's part of the reason I was asking about LBU and Trinity. Maybe I will check and see if they would accept it if I got a high enough GRE score.
  9. Garp

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    In that case, of the two you mention I would suggest LBU. Trinity has a lot of baggage related to accreditation attempts and failures. Dr. Bear also mentioned they recently lost their campus (auctioned off).

    Louisiana Baptist University has a campus, some well known alumni (e.g. Roland Martin, and other successful Baptists). It is an authorized fundamentalist Baptist educational institution (cannot recall name).

    Something to check with LBU is to ask what accredited seminaries will accept their Masters grads into doctoral programs (LU may accept LBU). If you go the LBU route I would suggest trying hard into an accredited doctoral program. Research this first.
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  10. FTFaculty

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    It seems if you hear a narrative you don't like, you just ignore it. That's not particularly Christian. It's not like you've put a ton of effort into that Andersonville "education", not like you slaved four years of legitimate full time effort to earn a bachelor's degree, so it simply cannot be that there are that many sunk costs in your "education". So again, rather than ignoring that which does not fit your narrative or that which might put you out a little, why don't you seek a real education and not bear false witness to your credentials? You do not possess a legitimate bachelor's degree.

    I'm sure there are many Baptists who would look the other way and allow you to continue presenting a false front (just as there are many Baptists who remain willfully ignorant of the dishonest and surreptitious neocalvinist takeover of their denomination, to their great detriment) but that does not make it right. You will face God some day, and that ought to be sufficient to turn you around now. But again, your call, you've been warned.
  11. me again

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    Many states prohibit degree mills from operating within their borders, but to some extent, many religious institutions are completely exempt from statutory prohibitions under the theory that "religions are esoteric and they can do what they want to meet their denominational needs and government will not impede them." However, this causes some confusion for religious people who graduate from unaccredited religious institutions because their degrees are only recoginized (oftentimes) by their religious institution, but they are not recognized by:
    - other regionally accredited (RA) religious institutions
    - RA colleges and universities
    - State, county or municipal governments
    - many corporations

    In the case of cesmith78, if he wants the above institutions to recognize a degree that he possesses, then (fortunately or unfortunately) he will have to pursue a properly accredited degree. That's the basic scenario. RA sets minimum standards that must be met -- and many unaccredited religious institutions do not rise to that academic level -- and the bar cannot be lowered, even for people who have been genuinely duped.
  12. Pugbelly2

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    I agree, LBU would be the better option of the 2. I have looked at LBU for a long time and may still one day enroll in the PhD in Christian Leadership. I've looked at the curriculum and some course materials. It's not a mill, but it's not equal to a RA PhD either. I'd say it is comparable to a masters degree. Anyway, you might also want to ask Luther Rice and Briercrest about credit transfer. Both have considered UA in the past.
  13. Bruce

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    I don't know about Luther Rice, but Liberty states they will accept NA degrees for transfer credit and admission to their graduate programs. I don't recall seeing anything about acceptance of unaccredited credits/degrees.
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