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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by sideman, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. sideman

    sideman Active Member

    I took my PF 1st semester finals on 9/15 and my proctor mailed them that same day (handed it to the mail carrier as they were delivering nearby). The postage is prepaid so I didn't think anything about it. Well I called PF today and they haven't received my finals. I asked them to double check and still nothing. Now I don't know if it's lost in the mail or lost at PF. I asked them what I had to do if they're not found. Of course they said that I'd have to retake. That is the last thing I want to do. But I'll do it if necessary. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I can't believe my luck.

    My main question is how long should I let this go before I just throw in the towel and retake? Or do I have any other options? Next time I'm sending it express with tracking capabilities.
  2. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    It is best to send important items such as this by at least certified mail. That way you get a delivery receipt.
    USPS - Certified Mail
    Also be sure you have sufficient postage otherwise it may be returned to the return address on the envelope.
  3. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    That is why it is best to keep copies of everything.
  4. sideman

    sideman Active Member

    Agreed. The only reason why I didn't do it this time (1st time with PF) is because their "rules" are specifically against it. Forget that. Next time I copy everything.
  5. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    Really, what an odd rule. I can see not to copy to share but not to copy at all? How about scan, that is not a copy!
  6. SurfDoctor

    SurfDoctor Moderator Staff Member

    Didn't the proctor send it registered mail? Then you would know what happened. That is absolutely outrageous! I would be furious with somebody. You went to all of that work only to have it lost.
  7. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    Oh man! That sucks. I used to take a lot of proctored exams with the UOI. Never had one lost.

  8. Go_Fishy

    Go_Fishy New Member

    I don't understand how certified mail would have helped here. If the mail is lost, it's lost. The issue here is not whether sideman took the exam or not; the issue is that there is nothing to grade.

    This is really bad luck. The only good thing is that it probably won't happen again. ;)

    By the way, what is PF, and why does everyone seem to know what it is?
  9. PatsGirl1

    PatsGirl1 New Member

    Penn Foster College.
  10. eilla05

    eilla05 New Member

    This stinks! At least you have your proctor to vouch that you took it the first time around and will be allowed to retake it. Did you call and ask what the cutoff is for grades? That might tell you when you should just retake it instead of waiting. Any exams that I had to take using a proctor were sent by email by my proctor. Maybe PF should think about doing it that way!
  11. sideman

    sideman Active Member

    FOUND FINALS! I was just notified at close of business yesterday that my finals have been found at PF and will now be in the process of being graded. I cannot tell you how relieved I am to have heard this. What initially got me worried was when I first contacted them (after 12 calendar days) I was told there was nothing in house. I don't know when they received it but at least I now have documentation that they did. The only thing I was going on was other PF students saying that they were usually notified within a week that the exams were received. Now I know it can take up to 2 1/2 weeks to be notified. Anyway like I always like to say "all's well that ends well".
  12. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    You have proof that a mailing from your proctor was delivered to someone at the school. Which puts responsibility on the school to find it. If lost I would request some consideration.
  13. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member


    What are you taking at PF?

  14. sideman

    sideman Active Member

    Business Management.
  15. Jeff Walker

    Jeff Walker New Member

    Agreed. UIUC had a very reasonable policy - proctor made copies and kept copies until they were notified that the test had been received. Since tests were always sent via overnight FedEx, there was also delivery tracking.

    Of course, this all added slightly to the expense of the class, but it was great for the graders to get all the tests within a couple days of the test date and it was great for handling lost exams. And the students never had a copy of the exam except during the test-taking period.

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