Looking for better institute to enroll in MA in TESOL or TEFL

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    I am teacher from India and have been looking for my personal professional updating by enrolling in MA in TESOL or TEFL. I am BA, MA English, B.Ed. and M.Phil. ELT. Can any one suggest me a good institution from US, UK, Canada or NZ?

    Thanks in advance.
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    It sounds like you have good credentials already to sustain your teaching career. Have you thought about perhaps doing a Doctor of Education? If you are not prepared to go the doctoral route then you might be interested in doing an Education Specialist degree or even getting another Masters degree maybe in liberal studies where you could pursue educational interests that you have not yet been able to pursue in a formal degree program. Anaheim University does have an MA in TESOL but it looks a bit to expensive for my taste. You can check it out here...MA in TESOL, Masters TESOL, Online Master of Arts in TESOL at Anaheim University - Anaheim University and they also have a Doctor of Education in TESOL as well..http://www.anaheim.edu/online-business-administration-sustainable-management-and-tesol-programs/by-subject/tesol/doctor-of-education-in-tesol-2
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    I have mixed feelings about this so far. The op wants a second Masters degree and in a subject that I believe is virtually identical to his original Masters. To me this doesn't make a lot of sense unless he's focusing more on the country of original of the degree rather than on it's content. So in that sense TeacherJ's comment makes sense. Upgrade to the Doctoral level and that should suffice for an entire career. On the other hand we've heard repeatedly that a Doctoral degree is a lot more than a super Masters degree. It's a quantum leap. Maybe the op is simply not ready to make that leap. In any case, the site below may help.

    Home - English Language Professional's Resource Guide

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