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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by Maniac Craniac, Dec 10, 2019.

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    I teased in another thread that I have some plans in the works. I'm not ready to reveal them yet, but they are starting to take shape :emoji_grin:

    It seems likely that I'll have quite a few years of school left in my future, taking courses part-time every semester including summer to get my next degree. If it is in the cards for me to pursue that goal, it gives me even more reason to pursue a degree I've been toying with for years- ye olde MBA.

    I know there are a million programs with a million options, so Im hoping I can find a way to peck away at it here and there. What would be ideal would be to find courses I can take in-between other semesters and breaks. Self-paced courses or courses one can take with flexible start times.

    The closest things I can think of are UoL's exam-only (yikes, this scares me!) and National University's one-course-per-month (great idea, but not sure I can line it up with my breaks).

    Even with all the million options out there, I'm unaware of, and even skeptical that, any such highly flexible MBA exists. But, I figure it's worth asking about, and I figure I'm not the only one who has such unrealistic expectations who might want to know the answer.

    Lastly, I'll take any other related suggestions or advice anyone would like to share :emoji_blush:
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  2. Kizmet

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    Now this is an unrealistic level of flexibility . . .


    As for coursework, I know that the old LSU correspondence courses could be started anytime and accelerated so that you could complete one in 5 weeks. Maybe those are still available, I haven't checked for a while.
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    Edinbergh business school's MBA comes to mind. same like UOL except they offer more dates to take the exams.

    I guess the other option is Northern AZ's competency based Masters.. but that's in IT.
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