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Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by dlcurious, Jul 12, 2008.

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    As in-tune as the community is with distance learning opportunities, I was hoping someone could assist me in finding the right Master's program for me. What I'm looking for is an MS or MBA with a focus in IS, IT, IT Management, or something similar. My requirements are:

    1) I'm not looking for one of the for-profits, i.e., Devry, UOP, AIU, etc. I know these programs have served many well, it's just not what I'm looking for.

    2) Preferably it will be an RA, public, non-profit school with some type of B&M presence. It can be nothing more than what TESC offers.

    3) I'm not looking to pay $700+ a credit hour like UMBC, UMUC, etc. are asking for. Anything will be looked at, but I don't get much tuition assistance from the job, so most will be financed out-of-pocket.

    4) Hopefully no residency requirements.

    Again, it may be asking for a lot, but I'm just hoping something more is out there than what I've been able to find. For reference, I currently live in Virginia Beach, VA, but will likely be moving to Houston, TX by the end of the year. Thanks in advance for any assistance offered.
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    Not to sounds like a broken record on this forum ;), but I recommend Dakota State University. They offer an MSIS, an MSIA, and an MSET. I have been in their DSc program for the past year and a half and have been very satisfied with them. Also, DSU is RA, B&M, non-profit, and inexpensive.

  3. dlcurious

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    I've seen DSU mentioned before but outside of forums like these and the school site can't really find any information about it anywhere, opinion or otherwise. Most search hits for DSU pull up SDSU or NDSU. Know why that is? It seems to meet the requirements otherwise.
  4. PhD2B

    PhD2B Dazed and Confused

    I'm not sure why DSU is not mentioned much, although they are a small school so they probably don't have as many graduates as some other schools. There is one other DSU DSc student on this forum that I know of and we both speak highly of the school. DSU's web site should contain most of the information you need to find out about their programs.

    I think the search engines pull up SDSU and NDSU because they both contain "DSU" and they are much larger schools so they probably get many more hits.
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    If you gain TX residency, you'll find at least two state universities offering an online MS in Information Systems - Tarleton State University and University of Houston - Victoria. I have first-hand experience with the Tarleton State program.

    The primary reason I switched from Tarleton State to Duquesne is a better fit, along with the fact that I receive a veteran's tuition discount through DU. I also got spoiled by the interaction in the DU program.

    Having said that, Tarleton State is very good. I met the department faculty during orientation day in Stephenville. TSU grad tuition recently increased to around $900 per course. When I took online courses in the IS program last fall, we used WebCT for the front end. Depending on a few factors, I may end up taking the 6 required courses needed to graduate after completing the DU program. TSU allows students to transfer in 12 grad semester hours, last I looked. I'm unsure about UHV tuition, but it's not much more than TSU for Texans.

    Bellevue University (Nebraska) teaches two online MIS/CIS degrees. Grad tuition there costs $405/credit hour. If you want a major conference school name on your diploma, both Oklahoma State and Auburn also offer MS in MIS degrees, although tuition runs approximately $700/credit hour for each.

    University of Dallas has an MS in IT program, but it is expensive at around $600/credit hour. I have experience with UD online grad courses too. Great faculty, awesome department dean, nice atmosphere.

    University of Illinois - Springfield and University of Arkansas Little Rock may be other options. I've heard UIS costs less than $10,000. UALR, for non-residents, costs $16K. The degree is in "Information Quality".
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    Guess it is time for me to chime in and sing the praises of the school :)

    Love the school. I've had 1 course/professor out of 5 that was average...the rest have been exceptional. I highly recommend DSU to anyone/everyone.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Besides, DSU there are two more to look at. Indiana State University- Master of Science in Computer Electronics & Technology.
    Tuition: $7,500.00 (program)...ISU also offers Ph.D in Technology Management; which you want to take a look at if.......you want to skip MS.


    Columbus State University - Master in Computer Science - Information Assurance. Tuition: $5,000.00 (Program)
  8. dlcurious

    dlcurious Member

    You guys have given me qute a few programs I'd failed to previously locate. I appreciate it! DSU also looks very promising, thanks for the opinions. If anybody else has any feedback I'd love to hear it!
  9. Ted Heiks

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    Well, I'll let you sort out how well any of these suits the rest of your requirements, but here's a few dl master's programs in information systems. :eek:

    American Intercontinental University www.aiuonline.edu MIT (Master of Information Technology)
    American Military University www.apus.edu MBA Information Technology Management
    American Sentinel University www.americansentinel.edu MBA Information Management; MBA Information Systems; MBA Management Information Systems
    Aspen University www.aspen.edu MBA Information Management; MS Information Management; MS Information Systems; MS Information Technology
    Athabasca University www.athabascau.ca MBA Information Technology Management
    Auburn University www.auburn.edu MBA Management Information Systems; MMIS
    Baker College www.baker.edu MS Information Systems
    Ball State University www.bemidjistate.edu MBA Information Systems
    Bellevue University www.bellevue.edu MBA Management Information Systems; MS Management Information Systems
    California National University for Advanced Studies www.cnuas.edu MBA Management Information Systems
    California State University Dominguez Hills www.csudh.edu MBA Information Technology Management
    Capella University www.capella.edu MBA Information Technology Management; MS Information Security; MS Information Technology
    Capitol College www.capitol-college.edu MBA Information Technology
    Central Michigan University www.cmich.edu MSA Information Resource Management
    Champlain College www.champlain.edu MSMIIT (Managing Innovation & Information Technology)
    Charleston Southern University www.csuniv.edu MBA Management Information Systems
    University of Colorado Colorado Springs www.uccs.edu MBA Information Systems
    University of Colorado Denver www.cudenver.edu MBA Information Systems
    Colorado Technical University www.ctuonline.edu MSM Information Security Systems; MSM Information Technology Management
    Concordia University Wisconsin www.cuw.edu MBA Management Information Systems
    Dakota State University www.dsu.edu MS Information Systems
    University of Dallas www.udallas.edu MBA Information Technology; MM Information Technology Management
    Dallas Baptist University www.dbu.edu MBA Management Information Systems
    DeVry University www.devry.edu MBA Information Security; MBA Information Systems Management
    Excelsior College www.excelsior.edu MBA Information Security
    Florida Institute of Technology www.fit.edu MBA Information Systems; MS Information Systems
    Fort Hays State University www.fhsu.edu MLS Information Assurance
    Golden Gate University www.ggu.edu MBA Information Technology; MS Information Technology
    Grantham University www.grantham.edu MBA Information Management; MBA Information Technology
    Harvard University (through their Extension School) www.extension.harvard.edu ALM Information Technology
    Hawaii Pacific University www.hpu.edu MS Information Systems
    University of Illinois Springfield www.uis.edu MS Management Information Systems
    IMPAC University www.impacu.edu MS Management Information Systems
    Jones International University www.international.edu MBA Information Security Management; MBA Information Technology Management
    Lansbridge University www.lansbridge.edu MBA Management Information Systems
    University of Maryland Baltimore County www.umbc.edu MS Information Systems
    University of Maryland University College www.umuc.edu MS Information Systems; MS Information Technology
    Minot State University www.minotstateu.edu MS Information Systems
    College Misericordia www.misericordia.edu MSOM Information Technology Management
    University of North Alabama www.una.edu MBA Computer Information Systems
    Northcentral University www.ncu.edu MBA Management Information Systems
    Saint Leo University www.saintleo.edu MBA Information Security
    Schiller International University www.schiller.edu MBA Management of Information Technology
    Stephens College www.stephens.edu MBA Clinical Information Systems Management
    Stratford University www.stratford.edu MBA Information Technology/E-Commerce
    Sullivan University www.sullivan.edu MBA Management Information Systems; MS Management Information Systems
    Troy University www.troy.edu MBA Information Systems
    TUI University www.tuiu.edu MBA Information Technology Management; MS Information Technology Management
    Walden University www.waldenu.edu MISM (Master of Information System Management)
    Western Governors University www.wgu.edu MBA Information Technology Management
    Westwood College www.westwoodonline.edu MBA Information Technology
    University of Wisconsin Whitewater www.uww.edu MBA Information Technology Management
    Worcester Polytechnic Institute www.wpi.edu MBA Information Management; MBA Information Security Management Systems
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    Since this thread was posted, I have become the Dean of Online Studies at Sullivan University, so I am, of course, biased toward my own institution. However, the University of Illinois at Springfield has an excellent (and reasonable) MS in Managment Information Systems. UIS recently was recognized by Sloan-C as having the best institution-wide distance learning program in the country.
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    A nice list to be sure...and lots of choices. Ball State had the Bemidji State url, though.


  12. Ted Heiks

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    Damn, not sure how the hell that happened! But the correct Ball State url is www.bsu.edu . Thanks for noticing.
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