Looking for advice on which college to finish degree with (Ashford, CSU-Global, TESC)

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    *Warning: Lengthy story ahead*

    Hi Folks,
    I'm new to this forum but have gained quite a bit of good information from you all. Furthermore, I'm also a member of degreeforum.net, where some of you may have seen my similar forum topic. This forum seems to have more members who are "school focused" as opposed to "CLEP focused," so I decided to post my question here:

    Situation: I'm a mid-career Army NCO in an Intelligence specialty working in DC. After this term, I will be leaving the Army to head home and run for elected office. I'm currently finishing up my Bachelor's, after which time I will use Tuition Assistance and the GI bill to obtain a Master's in Public Policy (probably Liberty U, since the tuition is within military TA parameters - plus my district is very conservative and the name would actually help me there).
    I have completed almost all requirements for a BA in Political Science from TESC (need to take about four CLEPs and I'd be done), as well as a BA in Political Science & Government from Ashford University (need to take a few CLEPs and four courses, then I'd be done). However, last year I decided to transfer from Ashford to somewhere else based on all the negative press and government inquiries into the FP industry. Personally I do not care, and Ashford is very challenging and legit - but in politics you have to pay attention to public perception, regardless of if it's fair or not.
    Well, I transferred to Colorado State University this year, and am about halfway done with the first two courses. I enjoy it, but my major here is Public Management, and it will eat up eight entire months of the GI bill to finish (they only let you take three courses per term - which is understandable but nevertheless...). I'm thinking about simply finishing with TESC (no more GI bill money), gaining the MAPP from Liberty (4-6 months GI bill + 6 months TA), then leaving the military. If I don't get elected, I will still have two years of the GI bill to use for a JD (I'd like to go to a two-year law program).

    My question is this: If you were in my shoes, does it seem more logical to: a) finish my Ashford diploma, public perception be damned, b) finish the CSU-Global diploma for name recognition, regardless of the second-choice major (the information truly is great, but I'll be relearning the same things on a grad level) or c) throw caution to the wind and finish with TESC?

    Forgive this lengthy post but I really need feedback before this decision. Thanks!
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    My 2c is to do the degree that you are most likely to finish and that is regionally accredited.
    I have a BSBA CIS from TESC and I really like it. I also finished a BA Nat Sci/Math from TESC and had the opportunity to take 2 online courses. I was happy with both the coursework and the customer service.
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    Since you are planning a master's degree - whatever degree gets you there the quickest. Ashford U is an RA institution, so in the unlikely event it comes up, you just mention that you used your military benefits to attend a regionally accredited university.

    Good luck!
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    Ryoder and Shawn,
    Thanks for the feedback!
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    Honestly none of the three really scream congressman or senator, that would require a class ring from one of the big guys like Harvard or Yale. But with that said I don't think any are a bad choice.

    For the most part people, voters, don't pay a lot of attention to where a candidate went to school. Not that they don't care, just that it isn't what drives a candidacy.

    If you are from Colorado, or plan to run for office there then graduating from their State U system arguably has some merit....otherwise I don't see them as a big positive. Maybe a slight edge, but not enough to give away a huge chunk of your GI Bill and imperil Grad school. Have you checked with the big State U where you will be running for office? Graduating from the school with the football team could be of some help to you....but I understand you feel it may take too long.

    TESC is still a part of the NJ College system, they are a state school (MC will probably be along shortly to dispute that or correct it :) ) As a state school 99% of the people are not going to see any issue with the school or the degree. Especially not if its eventually backed up with a Masters or JD. They would be a very close second for me if choosing from your list. VERY close second, in your scenario its probably where I would go.

    I would be proud of an Ashford degree as well. But given your circumstance and concerns why would you pursue a degree from a school with connections to an industry you have some concerns with. Though here again, most folks just don't pay that much attention to this stuff so I doubt it would be much of a negative. Most folks would see a Univ. of Phoenix degree on the wall and ask you how you liked living in the desert (ok, maybe they are better known than that...but still). Outside of academia or boards like this Ashford just isn't likely to throw up severe warning signs for the general population.

    I don't think you can really go wrong. I would bang out the TESC degree and check the box. Move on to other things including further education. I would get that masters from the school with the winning-est football team in your State..... Seriously, IMO, if there is any school that could truly buy you some votes that would likely be it.

    My $0.02

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