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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by q4star, May 3, 2010.

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    I am glad I found this forum it has helped me in many ways. I have my Associate Degree in Criminal Justice. I later returned to night school and finished the upper degree requirements (BS) in Public Administration in 2001.

    Once I finished these requirements I had to finish 5 lower GE classes and I would be done. However, life happened (4 kids-dealing with elderly parent plus new occupation) I was only able to complete one class.

    I am now in a place in life where I must get this degree for promotional opportunites plus my boys are much more easier now. I went back to the university (Golden Gate) and counselor told me the Public Administration program has been dropped and I would have to major in Business Administration and focus in on PA. I am angry because I spent alot of time and money completing these core/upper division courses in PA at this college. Now I must complete more core/upper division courses plus those GE classes.

    So here I am looking on the NET. I found American Military University and I am currently forwarding transcripts to them. However, I will have to major in something besides PA to get my BA (sounds funny). I am looking at Criminal Justice plus I like the freedom of online doing at my pace/time.

    Any ideas? Am I on the right track? Columbia Southern University has a program in Organizational Leadership where the classes sound familiar to mine in PA. Thanks for any feedback.
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    If a PA degree is what you want then you should exhaust all possibilities before you shift into something else. Do some searching on this site for PA degrees. There have been lots of threads. But first, check out Kaplan, Ashford and Brookline. I think they all have BA programs in Public Administration.
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    There is NO SHORTAGE of colleges offering undergrad degrees online- and every single one of them is likely happy to sign you up! College is a business. So, coming here is your best bet. You'll get non-biased third party advising :)

    So, it sounds like you have about 100 credits? I'm with Ian and Kizmet, don't jump ship yet. You might get into a situation where you need to do a lot more than a few classes, especially if you switch to business (where the classes sometimes expire after so many years).

    Couple things- if you went back to your home college, EXACTLY what gen eds and upper levels would you need?

    You may not know this, but if your college accepts transfer credit, you might be able to take the classes you need for your degree online and then transfer them back into your home college. That's the best of both worlds.

    Also, does your college allow CLEP exams? If they do, you can CLEP all of the remaining gen eds over the summer and then just finish up your degree courses.

    For what it's worth, I love AMU/APUS. They have about 10 degrees I'd love to do sometime :) APUS is a great school, but before you go to plan B, you may have a lot more options that you have not yet explored with your home college.
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    Cook, I have to complete micro/mecro economics along with algebra/stats no upper level classes needed I completed all other requirements for a PA degree. Problem is college doesnt have degree in it anymore.

    I like the advice about CLEP testing trust me I want to end this and I am looking at the best answer I will call counselor tomorrow at home college (GGU)

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