Looking for a 'top flight, DL, MBA Entrepreneurship.

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by VB1, May 21, 2004.

  1. VB1

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    Any suggestions on a "top flight", DL, MBA Entrepreneurship program --- key word, "ENTREPRENEURSHIP"?
  2. skidadl

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    hey, me too. i am looking for the same. i am pretty much set on Nova because it is local and i can go for some ground classes but, i'm still open to suggestions. i just want some face to face time seeing that i have never experienced the class as an adult yet.

    i would be intereted hearing about other DL programs like it though,.
  3. bo79

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    i have one work for you.....DUKE:)
  4. VB1

    VB1 New Member

    I guess I need to clarify, I mean FAIRLY INEXPENSIVE"top flight", DL, MBA Entrepreneurship programs.

    No argument on the quality of Duke, though --- thanks for the reply.

  5. Myoptimism

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    Hi VB1,
    The University of North Alabama has an MBA with a concentration in new venture management. This school is ACSBP accredited. The cost is quite low, at around $300 per semester hour.

    Good luck,
  6. tcmak

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  7. LBTRS

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    I found this while searching for an MBA program....Franklin University has an MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.

    Franklin University
  8. mrbean72

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    MBA Entrepreneurship

    I would agree that Imperial College is one of the top schools for entrepreneurship studies. However, according to the University of London web site (www.londonexternal.ac.uk), the Entrepreneurship option will not be examinable until May 2005. At 10,800 pounds, it is pricier than other options, but far less than Duke!

    The University of North Alabama is probably the most cost effective option (RA & ACBSP accredited program from an established B & M university for under $10,000 US dollars).

    Another option is the University of Stirling MBA in Entrepreneurship and Business Venturing. It is priced at around 7,500 pounds, which includes all support materials. As well, it is ranked as one of the top MBA programs in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

    Good luck in your MBA journey!


    Michael Weedon
  9. gildeer7

    gildeer7 New Member

    I took a look at the recent US News MBA rankings with a specialization in Entrepreneurship. Indiana University's Kelley School of Business is ranked (ahead of Duke), and they offer an online MBA for about $35,000. However, I looked at the website for their online MBA and it looks like the online program is a general MBA. You may want to look into it though because the electives offered could focus on entrepreneurship.

    I did not see any other programs in the list that offered the MBA online besides Duke.

    Best of luck!
  10. tcmak

    tcmak New Member

    Re: MBA Entrepreneurship

    You are correct that the Entrepreneurship option will not be examinable until May 2005. But don't worry. The May 2004 examination was finished ALREADY. Anyone admitting to the programme would have exam only UNTIL MAY 2005! I can't see any problem with this arrangement. This has no effect with new student (and existing students too!)

    Also, Entrepreneurship is a specialisation module in IC. Students have to finish all the "Core" modules before taking specialisation module. Thus, new students won't be taking Entrepreneurship in MAY 2005.

    Entrepreneurship is not new at Imperial College. They are the leading school in spinning off companies. DL programmes and FT/PT programmes share the same teaching Faculty. Quality is never an issue.

    As an additional information on EIU Which MBA, Imperial College Tanaka Business School is ranked 37 while University of Stirling is "UNRANKED". Within UK, Imperial ranked top 3 (alongside with Oxford and Cambridge) while Stirling is ranked around 55 this year.

    Though the programme at Imperial is more expensive than Stirling, quality and reputation deserve more than the difference in price. And remember, you will do an MBA only once. Why not pick the more pestigeous one?

  11. ianmoseley

    ianmoseley New Member

    Imperial has a very good reputation for eduation, however I know several members of staff who regard it as a very poor employer!
  12. tcmak

    tcmak New Member


    I am interested to know about Imperial as a "very poor employer". Can you give some concrete examples here? For example, do you mean their B-school? or how poor it is?

    Also, can you explain more in choosing an MBA based on whether the school is a good or bad employer? I would like to listen about it.

    Thank you.

  13. ianmoseley

    ianmoseley New Member

    I do not want to say too much, however one employee was discharged on the basis of information in a file that they were not allowed to examine, and that was later found to contain false (allegedly manufactured) information.

    It only affects the teaching process in that it affects the morale of the staff.
  14. mrbean72

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    Choosing a MBA Program

    I agree that quality and reputation are more important than cost when selecting a MBA program. However, each of us has a different idea of how much we are willing or able to spend on our education. As well, other factors also come into play, such as GMAT scores and other admissions criteria.

    In the grand scheme of things, quality, reputation and cost must be considered as part of the big question: which MBA program is the best fit for me and my future goals? This question is highly individual and cannot be answered by a ranking table or price list.

    Perhaps VB1 can shed more light on the purpose of the MBA ...


    Michael Weedon
  15. VB1

    VB1 New Member

    From the original "thread-starter" in response to the request for more info from me..

    Hello all,

    Thank you all for your responses --- especially you, Michael, for bringing U. of Stirling to light. (It was already my favorite.)

    Not to take sides and debate, but re: the survey that had U. of Stirling unranked, I recently saw what I believe is the same survey, and there was a list of schools who were unranked with the explanation that it was "not a reflection of quality or deservedness" (or something like that).

    Yes, the cost is a factor, but what has me leaning toward U. of Stirling is both their prestige (as they are highly regarded via many sites on the web, especially is their entrepreneurial specialization) and their almost obsessive focus on said Entrepreneurialism. My only concern is that with that focus, the structure of their program is such that every single course offered in the specialty (even the "core" courses) are aimed strictly at entrepreneurs! (Check out their website.) While I am certain I will gain a far superior practical education there, not to mention a highly coveted degree (their "Applicant to Acceptance ratio" is 16:1), I wonder how much knowledge normally gained through the standard MBA core classes I will be missing.

    Please do continue to post, all of you who have already done so as well as any others with an opinion. Though I have a favorite, the matter is by no means decided.

    Thank you all,
  16. Ted Heiks

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    Prefatory Notations

    NOTE: Before anyone personally attacks me for including some programs here that are not "top flight" enough and don't make the "prestige lists," let it be known that I prefer to take over an old thread rather than creating a new one anfnd, moreover, I prefer to give the gentle reader an entire range of options so that those who are into prestige can choose a prestigious program while those in need of a bit of academic forgiveness can find something suited to their needs too.
  17. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

    From the Great State of Alabama

    Andrew Jackson University www.aju.edu offers an online MBA Entrepreneurship (DETC accredited) and the University of North Alabama www.una.edu offers an online MBA in New Venture Management (SA/ACBSP accredited).
  18. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

    From the Great State of California

    Lincoln University www.lincolnuca.edu offers an online MBA Entrepreneurship (ACICS accredited).
    TUI University (fka Touro University International) www.tuiu.edu offers an online MBA in Entrepreneurship (WA/IACBE accredited).
    William Howard Taft University www.taft.edu OFFERS AN ONLINE MBA in Entrepreneurship (DETC accredited).
  19. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

  20. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

    From the Great State of Connecticut

    Post University www.post.edu offers an online MBA in Entrepreneurship (NEA accredited).

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