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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Maryland Mom, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. Maryland Mom

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    Hi. I'm a military spouse. I received by BA from the Univ of MD 20 years ago. I would like to get a Masters in psychology and I really like the variety of classes that Northcentral has.

    The military has a variety of programs for military spouses -- such as the new MCAA money for spouses; however I do not qualify for the program. My husband was active duty for 16 years and then switched to the reserves and now he is in the IRR of the reserves. Since most of the VA programs are for spouses of active duty members I do not qualify. Some colleges like Liberty offer a great discount for spouses of active, reservists, and veterans, so I would qualify for their program (I don't want to go to LU because they do not have the variety of what I am looking for.

    Does anyone know of a program like NorthCentral University but is much cheaper? They offer a military spouse program but it is still too expensive for me (I don't want to take out any loans).

    I am looking for a masters psychology program which I can do online at a very low price. Any suggestions? Thank you!!
  2. emmzee

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  3. Maryland Mom

    Maryland Mom New Member

    Health Psychology

    Hi. I'm looking at NCU's Master's in Health Psychology/Behavioral Psychology. Also, is Northcentral University (it looks valid) in any way a fake North Central University?
  4. Ted Heiks

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    Northcentral University in Arizona is a legitimite school accredited by the North Central Association and has no connection with North Central University in Minnesota.
  5. major56

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    In that your husband is now assigned to the IRR in St. Louis, MO, he is on inactive reserve status (a non-drill category). (I’m assuming he’s in the Army Reserve). You might try this Military Spouse and Family Educational Assistance Programs link.

    Moreover, the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) office should be able to direct him further regarding your inquiry.
  6. Maryland Mom

    Maryland Mom New Member

    Hello Major. Sir, I unfortunately do not qualify for any of those programs because he is in IRR (non drilling status). He left active duty after 16 years because I asked him to. His next tour would have been OCONUS or on a ship (he is Navy) and we did not want to move the children again. He went to reserves and then into IRR (again I asked him to because his long TDYs to Iraq were very hard on us as a family).

    So, the new CAA program for military spouses do not apply to me since he is no longer in active duty. I also do not qualify for any of the programs which I have seen on the VA and DOD sites because of either 1) he is not active duty, or 2) he was not disabled during war, or 3) he did not die.

    I qualify for many of the school's spouse military discount because he is a veteran and because he has served in Iraq (and other places during times of war); however most of the schools I have been finding with these discounts, still are out of my price range because their discounts are only around 10%.

    I am interested in an online Masters Degree in Psychology (health or behavioral), I am specifically interested in stress, relaxation, communication, and negotiation/mediation. I like some of the holistic and alternative treatments also and some of the schools have interesting programs, but some of them are a little too far out there for me (I don't know how else to say this in a nice way). Someone mentioned Atlantic Coastal and I looked it up and it is cheap and has some interesting classes, but I worry about the mainstream and how it views degrees such as "transpersonal psychology".

    Also this school is licensed by their state and by the DETC, but is not regionally acredited.... does this ever pose a problem?

    Major, Sir, if you have any other possible ideas for spouses of IRR or colleges offering large military spouse discounts I would really appreciate it. Does such a web site exist which lists all of the tution (online) for military?

    If anyone else has any suggestions it would be much appreciated.
  7. major56

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    Masters Degree in Psychology

    Dear Maryland Mom,

    There is no need to address me as Sir; I’ve been off active duty for some time now. I’ll try to turn-up some appropriate suggestions soon. Also there are quite a number of military veterans that participate on this discussion board; perhaps others will be able to provide you with additional guidance.

    Regards …
  8. Ted57

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    Northcentral University

    Hello everyone,

    From my research I found that NCU is the cheapest of the online school I researched. For the Doctorate Program, $600.00 per credit hour is not bad for 3 semester credits.

    At present I am finishing my Masters degree in Human Resource Management from Capella University where I am paying $2,192.00 per class. I just became a Doctorate Candidate with NCU. They are accredited in more than one way and their ambassador program is great in answering your questions about the university.

    Also, Northcentral University does not require a resident program which saves you money and that allows time for your life, family and time to rest.
    On the price, one may know nothing in the United States is cheap anymore; you get what you pay for. If you really want a higher degree of education the price should not get in your way.

    There are plenty of diploma mills out there that will give you a PhD for a few hundred bucks, but if you get caught with it, you could go to jail, pay a fine, and fired from your good job.

    The most important thing about buying a fake degree is how you are going to feel inside, because you are always going to live with a lie. The inner you will be the roughest on you and you cannot escape from yourself. Thus, pay the price for a great degree, find a job that you are Happy with and know inside, “I earned this de work hard to earn your dgree, know indise you deserve this great job.”

    Have a great weekend everyone.
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    What about New Mexico State University? They have a MA in Psychology online, $600-$700 a class even for out of state.


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