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  1. Randell1234

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    I have 3 AA/AS Degrees in Electronics, Biomedical Technology, and Computer Science. I have a total of 94 credits and all of them are lower division. I am looking for a BS/BA that will accept all my credits and offer a BS in General Studies or anything else. The majority of my credits are in technology.
    I have looked at Regents College but I would still need to complete about 45 credits for a BS in Technology. That is the only program I have found that is so accepting of my credits. Is there any school out there that will simply accept my 94 credits and only require, lets say, 26 credits. I understand that some of them or most of them will need to be upper division. Is there hope or am I living in a fantasy?
    I have enrolled in California Coast's BS/MBA Program but I know I will still want a regional accredited degree when I finish with California Coast.
    All suggestions are welcome.
  2. Rich Douglas

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    It is curious that you would enroll in an unaccredited school with the intent of pursuing an accredited degree or degrees afterwards. If you've determined that a CCU degree will meet your present and future needs, fine. That's certainly a decision many others have made as well. But it sounds like you've already decided that a CCU degree will NOT meet your needs, so why bother getting one (two?). Find the accredited degree program that best suits your needs and situation, then go for it.

    Rich Douglas
  3. Lee Kay

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    You may want to consider a BA from GSU. They are regionally accredited. Their BOG program only requires 15 credits from them or other BOG colleges, which you may complete by DL: you never have to go to campus. You simply accumulate 120 credits for the BA. You would be able to make use of all of your credits. They have an inexpensive portfolio for the remainder of the upper division credits.
    You may be able to complete your BA for less than $1500. www.govst.edu/bog/index.html
    All the best,
  4. drwetsch

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    You should be pursuing an RA option if you are looking to do a repeat. In pursuing an RA program you will still need to earn upper level credits. Did you look into the Excelsior liberal studies program? It would be worthwhile to check and and see if the number of upper level courses were the same as for the more structured technology program you were looking into.

  5. Lawrie Miller

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    Excelsior College offers a Liberal Arts Program (BA or BS) within which there is the option of choosing "Liberal Studies" instead of a degree concentration. This allows greater flexibility in cobbling together the required upper division credits.

    The Liberal Arts degree program requires a minimum of 120 semester hour credit of which at least 30 credits must be upper level. There is no time limit on the age of credits in the Liberal Arts program. Of course, you must meet usual distribution requirements in Humanities, written English, math and science, and in the Social Sciences, but that would be true no matter where you go.

    Among other methods, credit requirements can be earned by passing proficiency examinations. In your case, it may be possible to earn all of the outstanding required credit in one to two weeks via examination (though it may take YOU longer). If you chose this path, enrolled next week, and completed the examinations successfully, you could have the degree conferred and receive your diploma some time in June.

    Look for the thread "BA in 4 Weeks" on this site. It provides a detailed step by step account on how to earn bachelor's degree from Excelsior College in an inordinately short period of time.

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