logistics of paying for courses in overseas DL schools

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  1. Broderick

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    Here is a good one.
    How does one go about paying for a distance course that is taught in the UK? I am in California (USA) and I am interested in a program at a UK university, however the price tag is in pounds. So do I send a check, or do I need to make arrangements to have the money wired by my bank…etc? What about the exchange rate, how will that be taken care of? Any experience here that can be used by others?


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    When I did the University of Western Sydney program I started out with wire transfers from my bank and also used a credit card. The credit card option is the simplest and least time consuming and the exchange is automatically calculated.

  3. rajyc

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    If you wire the money it takes long time for the other person to see it in his account. So I used credit to pay for my tution. You also get better exchange rate if you use credit card.
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    Paying by credit card is very effective. I have found, at least with my bank, that exchange rates are not unrealistic.

    The costs associated with wire transfers (particularly to the UK) are relatively high, and the process is a bit of a pain.

    It is also possible to purchase a bank draft in GBP and mail that off. But if you do that you are advised to use registered mail of some sort, if the draft gets lost reimbursement can get tricky.

    Hope this helps.
  5. uncle janko

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    For calculating exchanges on your own:


    Use a credit card if you can. If not, your bank will charge you an extortionate fee to wire. To wire you will need an account number at the UK bank and a SWIFT code if there is one--the school can supply this. The charge may range from $25 to $40.

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