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    This is my millionth time trying to post this......

    this is a collection of resources i've gathered during my search for math course

    and degree options.

    there have been several great threads lately, mostly focusing on grad work....and i learned a lot from them as well.

    i'm including both undergrad and grad options.

    some of you may be looking for extra courses to fulfill a major, or possibly to take prerequisites for grad school.

    and many of you are looking for that 18 hour option, a certificate, or a full

    masters degree.

    this list should have something for everyone.

    please note that it is a work in progress...i'm going to update it with more

    details and cost info as time permits. for now, i wanted everyone to know what was out there, to hopefully help with your future plans.

    first, for undergrad:

    these first few options are independent learning listings. these don't really fit

    with any degree, but they're great to supplement your course of study, especially if:

    -you're at one of those heavy-transfer schools and wish to concentrate in math,

    -you are at a school that offers a math major onground but doesn't have all of its

    classes online yet, you can supplement with these.
    -you need math to prepare for grad school

    they are also almost all self-paced, meaning you have anywhere from 6-9-12 months

    to complete the classes, depending on the program. so if you're worried about life

    getting in the way, or how long it will take you to "master" a subject, no worries


    the u of illinois has a computer based training system based on the mathematica

    software package. you do not need to know how to program, and you can start with

    any class. if you complete all of the courses in their cert program, you can elect

    to have a certificate sent to you. however, it is not required to take all of

    them, or even to start at the beginning.

    Course List | NetMath at the University of Illinois

    tuition is comparable to other u of i online courses.

    ohio state has some of these available, but not as many as u of i.

    shorter college has also developed a system based on the u of i model, and has

    added their own (even more user friendly) livemath software to some of their


    Distance Calculus @ Shorter College

    wisconsin has an independent learning program that is not completely computer-based

    like the u of i option, and there are several courses available, with pretty

    reasonable tuition:

    Mathematics distance education - Independent Study taught by Dept of LS & A

    note that these feature several upper division courses.

    other options include berkeley, LSU, University of Minnesota and the university of


    Mathematics and Statistics - UC Berkeley Extension


    CIDL College Course

    Independent and Distance Learning

    all of the above options include the calc 1-3/4 series that is often required for
    upper level math coursework.

    Ohio University also has independent course options, as well as credit by exam.

    next are your undergraduate options:

    first and foremost, the university of illinois at springfield.

    B.A. - Mathematical Sciences - University of Illinois at Springfield - UIS

    UIS offers a math "degree completion" program, meaning they focus on the last 2

    years of the curriculum. however, you can have as few as 30 credits to be admitted

    and just make up the prereqs you lack as you get started.

    they require the calc 1-3 series be completed before admission, but they offer calc 3 online regularly to finish this up.

    the above independent learning options would be great to take care of the calc series.

    next up is utah state university with an *undergraduate* degree in math *education*

    Mathematics Education - Undergraduate Degrees - Regional Campuses & Distance Education - distance.usu.edu

    i'll be talking more about the grad education options, but i wanted to point out that this school has a pretty high-level math offering.

    Indiana University East also has a math program in the works...

    IU Everywhere - Indiana University East

    Saint Mary In The Woods College has math and math ed independent learning options:

    Mathematics Course Requirements | Math Major, Math Minor, Math Education Major

    Chardon State , which is also listed below in the Grad category, has a BA too:

    Undergraduate Courses & Programs - Online Learning - Chadron State College

    They also offer a minor in statistics.

    Mercy College has a program too:

    ok now for grad options.

    here we have 4 main types of programs:

    -pure math
    -applied math
    -mathematics education

    as i mentioned above, do NOT count out a "math education" program just due to its

    name. i admit i used to, before i started digging deeper.

    if you're looking for "18 hours" then there are math ed programs that actually *do*

    have a strong grad level set of math classes that will serve the PhD pre-reqs, or any other need you have for that sort of thing.

    also, if you're looking at this for teaching at the college/CC level, the "calc

    refresher" "algebra methods" etc classes wouldn't be so bad! you actually get to learn a lot about *how* to teach this stuff, and at the CC level, you'll be teaching pretty much the same range of courses as the HS teachers...

    i'm not advocating just doing this for the credits, just putting options out

    there--many of you have mentioned the lack of good math options--if you opened your search just a bit, you'd be surprised what you'd find!

    there is a nice set of decently-ranked universities offering degrees/certificates

    in statistics:

    colorado state ($520/cr)
    The Department of Statistics at Colorado State University

    texas a&m

    M.S. in Statistics — Distance Education

    Texas A&M has a separate fee for out of state that can run up to 800/hr.

    kansas state --the best value, around $500 or less per hour
    Applied Statistics – K-State Division of Continuing Education

    penn state ($644/cr hr)

    Penn State | Certificate in Applied Statistics

    and i'll include stanford here for completeness, but stanford does require some

    on-campus time.

    aside from stanford, each of these schools have both a certificate option and a full-degree option.

    and at least colorado state and texas a&m have "non calculus based" certificate


    Univ of Tennesee-Knoxville has a stats certificate:

    UT Department of Statistics Certificate Program

    next is applied math.

    probably the best ranked program available in DL today is the u of washington:

    Master of Science in Applied Mathematics at UW — Online Degree Program

    and tuition is affordable as well.

    ok for general/pure math...

    Univ of Houston: Department of Mathematics at the University of Houston

    Great program--it mentions that its for teachers but it is a normal math degree, no "education" class requirements...lots of very good options, good class availability

    The teachers also do great work for the math community as a whole.

    The University of Central Florida offers a Math certificate:

    Graduate Catalog 2010-2011 - University of Central Florida- Mathematics Certificate

    They also have an MS but I'm not sure if it's completely online.

    Emporia State University:
    Master of Science in Mathematics Program

    Texas A&M goes in both categories because they have traditional & one with an ed


    Distance Masters of Science in Mathematics

    Mercy COllege:

    University of West Florida: also has lots of stats options

    UWF - Mathematics and Statistics - Online MS in Mathematical Sciences Program

    here's the tuition: UWF - Enrollment Services - Online Campus Fee Chart<br>Fall Semester 2009

    I believe if you're enrolled as an online degree student you DO get instate rates of under 300/credit hour.

    finally, for math education :

    Nicholls State U in Louisiana has a MA in Teaching math that is targeted to
    community college instructors:

    Nicholls State University - Division of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Math Teaching Degree Details | WGU Teachers College Online

    this program has an interesting tuition model...you take as much as you can handle

    per 6 month term, and you're charged one flat rate. so the total cost of the degree

    depends on how long it takes you to finish it.

    Drexel: more education based, $686/credit


    Chadron State College:
    Master of Arts in Education - Science or Mathematics - Graduate Studies - Chadron State College


    Graduate Program MS in Math Education

    Idaho, says its "teaching" but it has lots of heavy high level math classes.

    MATH Degree - Engineering Outreach


    coe.fsu.edu | distance learning | math ed

    Texas A&M goes in both categories because they have traditional & one with an ed option:

    Distance Masters of Science in Mathematics

    Oregon State:

    Science & Mathematics Education -- Online & Distance Degrees -- Oregon State University -- Extended Campus -- Ecampus

    Mississippi State: Interdisciplinary Sciences: allows you to combine math with

    another science and get lots of credits in both--21 in the major field, and 15 in

    any other.

    Course Rotation - MA in Interdisciplinary Studies - Mississippi State University

    Converse College, in Spartanburg, SC has a number of "content refresher" classes

    for teachers...they say it's not primarily to prepare you for college teaching, but

    they're still credits. and at $589 per class, not a bad deal! These classes are a

    hybrid of online and DVD based content.

    Math Courses for Teachers

    Northern Arizona U:
    M.A.T. Mathematics: NAU Extended Campuses - Degree Details
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    Great post, getting there. I would like to add that the UK's Open University has a bachelors and masters programs in Mathematics, the University of London's external program has an Honours degree in Mathematics and Economics and the University of South Africa has Mathematics degrees at the bachelors, masters and doctoral levels.
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    These are great additions to the list. However, I feel the need to point out that the Open U (UK) degree programs are not available to USA residents (who comprise the largest segment of this board) I wish this policy would change but it seems unlikely.
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    That's a good point, and generally accurate; however, some of the IT-related degrees, e.g., MS in Software Development may still be.
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    Thanks for the input! I already have several additions for this--I had no idea the post went through finally!

    Kizmet if you had anything to do with this , THANKS! I have found so many prior posts looking for a math class here and there, or a math grad program, so I was keen to share all that I've found :)
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    is there a reason I can't edit the post?
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    seriously--i need to add to this/clean it, should i just post a new thread? seems redundant.
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    Has anyone taken classes by Colorado State or Texas A&M for the MS Stats program? I was wondering if anyone has any opinions in terms of which program is more rigorous and/or time consuming.
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    From my research/discussions with faculty, they're very similar.

    One thing to note, TAMU requires exam proctors to scan your exams into PDF upon completion. All homework is submitted via PDF to their CMS.

    The courses are very similar--they often even use the same books. Both provide lectures in recorded video.

    I have a preference for the Colorado program, from my exposure so far, just based on the instructors and the program staff....they've been great to communicate with.

    You didn't ask, but one deciding factor between them for me would be the cost. TAMU is about $200 per credit hour more for out of state students. If you're in TX, then the costs for both schools are about the same.

    They are both nationally ranked (US News & WR).

    At the end of the day, you might be best served by taking a class at both of them. You can always transfer the class you take to the other school--both schools allow around 10-12 hours of transfer credit. So you're not losing anything.
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