List of Schools accredited by Accrediting Commission International (ACI) ??

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    Some time back I seem to remember a partial list of schools accredited by ACI being posted, but for some reason am unable to find the post in the archives. Can someone help locate this thread/post?

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    I too have seen the list, but can't find it. (I'll keep looking) but I did stumble across this link while searching. What a glowing endorsement for ACI. Where do these people come from? It's one thing to ADMIT to being accredited by ACI, quite another to BRAG about it.
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    There is (or at least there was) an official ACI publication that lists and briefly describes all their member schools. It is (or was) send to member schools, with the very strong injunction about showing or sharing. I once had a copy -- it listed about 125 schools -- but alas that, like nearly all my pre-1998 files -- is now in a New Jersey landfill, having been delivered to Pearson (in the World Trade Center) when they bought my copyrights that year.

    Walston's Guide to Religious Degrees by Distance Learning, in its unaccredited section, identifies a great many of these, each with Walston's splendid one-word comment: "SHAME!"
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    I remember it too. (I contributed some names to it as I recall.) Unfortunately with the search function dead, it's going to be hard to find.

    ACI's list was mostly composed of obscure Bible colleges and seminaries. My impression was that it was providing a fig-leaf for schools that were operating under state religious exemptions. Only a relative handful of secular schools were listed, but those included a number of iffy DL schools that have been mentioned here on Degreeinfo.
  5. John Bear

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    Bill Dayson: "...iffy DL schools..."

    John: Century University, Central States University, Wisconsin International University for starters.
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    Thanks for your response, guys! The ACI List seems as illusive as the day-to-day operations of Trinity College/University..........
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    Fine, then... why don't we just build a new one, right here? It's easy enough. We can begin by just using a Google search string like this:
    • +"Accrediting Commission International" +aci OR "a.c.i." +"accredited by" OR accreditation
    and from which we may derive:
    1. Atlantic International University (the bogus one)
    2. International Theological Seminary
    3. Wisconsin International University (WIU)
    4. Freedom Bible College & Seminary
    5. Emerson Theological Institute
    6. Biblical Foundations (now defunct)
    7. Life Christian University
    8. Friends International Christian University
    9. Faith Christian University
    10. Sancta Sophia Seminary
    11. Great Commission School of Ministry
    12. St. Elias Seminary
    13. Colorado Theological Seminary
    14. Jubilee Christian College
    15. Someplace called "IMI" (whatever that was)
    16. Freedom Bible College & Seminary, Tokyo Branch
    17. RMCM Ministries
    18. Pillsbury College and Seminary
    19. Darryl Brister Bible College and Theological Seminary
    20. Atlanta Bible College
    21. American Mission Teams or here
    22. National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance (see footnote)
    23. Freedom Academy
    24. Century University
    25. Korean Freedom Bible College & Seminary
    26. Freedom Bible College & Seminary, Amsterdam Campus
    27. Warfare Plus Ministries
    28. Carolina Bible College
    29. Faith and Victory Christian University
    30. Bethel College of Biblical Studies
    31. MBI Yeshiva (no longer seems to claim ACI)
    32. Victory in the World Bible College (apparently defunct)
    33. Andersonville Theological Seminary (not sure if still claims ACI)
    34. Calvary Christian Academy and Bible College
    35. River Bible Institute
    36. Bethesda Bible College
    37. More Than Conquerors School of Theology
    38. Teamwork Bible College International and its Giving Light Center
    39. International College of Bible Theology
    40. Graduate Theological Foundation (no longer claims ACI)
    41. Acts International Bible School
    42. World Faith Bible Institute (through FICU)
    43. International Circle of Faith Colleges & Seminary
    44. WorldShapers Academy
    45. Cornerstone University
    46. Ethline R. Williams Preparatory School
    47. Teamwork Bible College (South Africa)
    48. Texas Graduate School of Theology
    49. North Georgia Baptst Theological Seminary
    50. New Testament School of Ministry
    51. University of Christian Studies and Seminary
    52. Cornerstone Ministries and Christian School
    53. Covington Theological Seminary
    54. Robert C. Blakes, Sr. Bible College & Theological Seminary
    55. Universal Bible College, Inc.
    56. University of Christian Studies and Seminary
    57. Life Christian Bible School
    58. Messiah Ministries Bible College
    59. Word and Life Bible College
    60. Aenon Bible College
    61. Eastern North Carolina Theological Institute
    62. The Ezra Project School
    63. Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary
    64. Ministerial Training Institute Bible College
    65. The Miracles of Deliverance Bible Institute
    66. The International University
    67. Lighthouse Christian Academy (per jugador, in his post, below)

      FOOTNOTE: Many Christian counseling and Christian counseling educational organizations claim ACI accreditation through their affiliation with NPSAA, which is ACI accredited. It's apparently some kind of umbrella thing.[/list=1]and that's about the best I can do without letting it become too big of a project. Anyone else who wants to add to the list, knock yourself out!
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    Thank you, Gregg! This is a good start.
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    Nice work, Gregg, but you left out my very favorite -- Lighthouse Christian Academy of Beebe, Arkansas which is run by the same guy who runs ACI itself (John Scheel). I wonder if Lighthouse Christian Academy had to cough up the same big bucks for accreditation as the other "colleges." On second thought, I'm sure they did. After all, anything less would be "un-Christian.";)
  10. DesElms

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    So added. See above.

    Any others, anyone? I found the first 66. jugador found the 67th. There are, as I understand it, around 250 or so, in all. So that means we're only a little over a quarter of the way there.

    Chime-in, everyone!
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    ACI (IAC)

    Eastern Missouri Business College.
  12. John Bear

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    FWD: "Eastern Missouri Business College."

    John: A funny inside joke. I think it is safe to say that of the 17,000-or-so schools on the planet, their rank in schools least likely to be accredited by ACI is #1. Unless, of course, Dr. Scheel is even st[oh, never mind].
  13. John Bear

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    When someone's list (Bill Gossett, I think) was posted here in 2003, I saved it, and here it is, apparently unfindable by the search engine here. Of course there will be much overlap with other posts, but I'll leave that to someone else to sort out. At the time ACI was claiming 225 member schools.

    1. Wisconsin International University
    2. Freedom Bible College and Seminary - Arkansas
    3. International Theological Seminary - Florida
    Extended to cover South African Theological Seminary - Zaire
    4. McGuffey Academy* - Georgia
    5. Friends International Christian University - California
    6. World Harvest Bible Training Center - Alaska
    Extended to cover Zion Word Bible Institute - Missouri
    7. Minnesota Graduate School of Theology
    8. Siloam Bible College - California
    9. Carolina Bible College - North Carolina
    10. Long Beach Bible Institute - California
    11. Cornerstone University - Louisiana
    Extended to cover Agape Bible College - Texas
    12. Heart of America Christian College and Theological Seminary - Missouri
    13. Quartz Hill School of Theology - California
    14. St. Elias School of Orthodox Theology - Nebraska
    15. Jubilee Christian College - Arkansas
    16. Faith Heritage Christian School* - Indiana
    17. Trinity Valley Baptist Seminary and College - Texas
    18. International Apostolic University of Grace and Truth - California
    Extended to cover CornerStone Academy of Biblical Studies - Canada
    19. Life Christian University and Seminary - Florida
    20. Atlantic International University - Hawaii
    21. Andersonville Theological Seminary - Georgia
    22. International Seminary - Florida
    23. Sancta Sophia Seminary - Oklahoma
    24. Carolina University of Theology - North Carolina
    Extended to cover South London Bible College - U.K.
    25. Triumph Bible Institute - Texas
    26. Western States University for Professional Studies - Missouri
    27. The International University - Missouri
    28. Emerson Theological Institute - California
    29. Kings Way Missionary Institute - Texas
    30. Colorado Theological Seminary
    31. Koinonia Bible College - Louisiana
    32. Milwaukee Institute of Biblical Studies
    33. Southwest Bible College and Seminary - Louisiana
    34. Anchor Theological Seminary and Bible Institute - Arkansas
    35. Internet Bible College
    36. Christian Practice Center School of Ministry and Seminary - Alabama
    37. World Revival School of Ministry - Missouri
    38. National Christian Counselors Association - Florida
    Extended to cover Agape Christian Counseling Center - Georgia
    39. Christian Bible College and Seminary - Missouri
    40. More Than Conquerors School of Theology - South Carolina
    41. Jacksonville Theological Seminary - Florida
    42. Hawthorne University - Utah
    43. St. John of the Cross Seminary - Florida
    44. Graduate Theological Foundation - Indiana
    45. Kingsway Christian College and Theological Seminary - Iowa
    Extended to cover East Texas Theological Seminary - Texas
    46. Zoe University - Florida
    47. Bienville University - Louisiana
    Extended to cover Boston College of London
    48. International Bible College and Seminary - Missouri
    49. Calvary Bible College - Virginia
    50. The Institute for Self-Transcendence, Inc. - Georgia
    51. New Covenant International Bible College - New Zealand
    52. Jesus Christ Apostolic Academy - Iowa
    53. School of Ministry, Faith Fellowship Ministries - New Jersey
    54. Advanced Christian Training School, Faith Fellowship Ministries* - New Jersey
    55. Crusade for Calvary Bible School and Seminary - California
    56. IMI School of Ministry and Music - Florida
    57. Stanton University - Texas
    58. Shepherd University - California
    59. Faith Outreach Academy* - Florida
    60. Arkansas Institute of Holy Land Studies
    61. Atlanta Bible College - Georgia
    62. America Come Back to God Bible Institute - New York
    63. Hugee Theological Institute - New York
    64. Antioch University International - Washington
    65. Central Christian University - Arkansas
    66. Faith Christian University - Florida
    67. Elijah School of the Prophets Institute - Maryland
    68. School of Bible Theology Seminary - California
    69. Lighthouse Academy* - Arkansas
    70. Lighthouse College - Arkansas
    71. Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary - Texas
    72. Christian Leadership University - New York
    73. The Sycamore Tree* - California
    74. Maranatha Institute - California
    75. St. John's University of Practical Theology - Louisiana
    76. Florida Theological Seminary
    77. C.M. & I. College, Department of Religious Education - Mississippi
    78. International University of Manilla, Philippines
    79. Century University - New Mexico
    80. University of NorthWest
    81. Greater Works Outreach Bible School - Pennsylvania
    82. Vision Bible Institute
    83. Family Bible Institute, College & Seminary - Maryland
    84. Covington Theological Seminary - Georgia
    85. Truth Bible College - Florida
    86. Apostolic Christian College - District of Columbia
    87. International College of Bible Theology - ? Pennsylvania
    88. Bethesda Bible College - Louisiana
    89. Temple Baptist College - Ohio
    90. Teamwork Bible College International - Pennsylvania
    91. Aenon Bible College - California
    92. Word of Life Ministries Bible Education Center - New York
    93. Mt. Pleasant Bible Training Institute - Arizona
    94. Church on the Rock Seminary - India
    95. Faith Outreach Center - Korea (lists affiliation with Faith Theological
    Seminary and Christian College in Florida which does not list ACI accreditation)
    96. Covenant Life Christian College - Tennessee

    * A primary or secondary school, or homeschooling entity.
  14. JamesK

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    Using schools from that list, I was able to find another two threads mentioning the list, including what appears to be the origin of the list.
  15. DesElms

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    Cool! When I get a chance, I'll look at the linked-to threads in the post immediately above; and I'll merge whatever I find there into mine and Bear's list, both above, and I'll alphabetize them (to both make it easier to use, and to more easily find duplicates); then I'll make sure there's a link to all the ones not already linked-to... and I'll post it here (that is... unless anyone else would like to jump in and do it). This I will do (or will applaud someone else doing, if that ends-up being the case) because I know that ACI doesn't want me to; and that it jealously guards its list of "accredited" institutions, warning those to whom it sends same that they'd darned-well better not disclose it to anyone, and forbids its list of "accredited" institutions to be published anywhere, by anyone (as if it could control such a thing).

    Any day that I can piss off the likes of an ACI is a good day, I figure!

    By the way... two thoughts, or things, or whatever:
    1. While I admit that there are actually a few ACI-accredited entities -- at least on my list -- that look, at first glance, like they might actually be serious and halfway legit/reputable (as unaccredited institutions go), I just could not get over some of the bona fide dogs among those ACI "accredited." What an embarrassing buncha' "schools" some of them are! No wonder ACI doesn't want them published anywhere. With at least a few of them, were I ACI, I'd instruct them in the methods of coding their site, and certain pages on it, so that Google's spiders will not crawl the the pages on which they describe their accreditation; and, therefore, Google searches for ACI-accredited institutions would fail.

      (I can just hear the wheels, in ACI's owner's head, turning as he reads the above... saying to himself: "You mean you can do that? Gotta' call my webmaster!")
    2. Did anyone notice, on the St. Elias Seminary web site, the heavy reliance on Hoyerspeak to defend its accreditation (or lack thereof) status? Click here to see it.

      Oy. :rolleyes:[/list=1]That's all I have. Just rambling while waiting for one of my crew leaders, and his boss, to show-up so we can all go over to a site and I can rip them a new one for the bad work they allowed the crews to do... and, now, for being late, also.

      [sigh] [looks at watch] [sigh]
  16. uncle janko

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    Coud the word "fake" be put in the tread caption at list onece?

    Heeeeelp meeeeee! Is Moldovan excent. Heeeeeeeelp!
  17. Guest

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    The following excerpt is from the above listed site:

    Richard J. Hoyer, Ph.D., M.D., Ed.D., has a B.S. (in Applied Psychology); a B.A. (Criminal Justice Administration); Master of Public Administration; M.S. (Environmental Safety and Health); Ph.D. (Public Safety Education); a Doctor of Education (Education Administration and Psychology); Doctor of Medicine in Psychiatry and Immunology. (Russian, not licensed to practice medicine in the USA).

    Ummmm, so Dr. Hoyer is licensed to practice psychiatric medicine in Russia?
  18. Clay

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    Are any of Hoyer's degrees accredited by bona fide accreditors? I thought Dr. Bear was on his trail and had disposed of him? Also, are any of the schools mentioned real? I'll admit I'm more naive than I thought. And that is more than I wanted to admit.

    Dr. Bear and colleagues, along with Gregg, deserve Consumer Safety Awards (I'm sure they have numerous) to stack with their tenacity certificates. Mills and shills skedaddle while you have a chance. These gentlemen make sport of fools. And they are masters at their craft.

    I'd rather wrestle with a grizzly, than confront them with their stacks of facts. I hope Gregg has a great day! Seems as though the crooks are androgynous, with an ultra-mini-gestation period.

    Sick 'em,

    P.S. I wish I could be more helpful, by doing something to assist, rather than just cheering from the sidelines.
  19. KendraQuick

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    Julian Youth Academy ACI

    My parents sent me to Julian Youth Academy in California.

    I am now being denied my College applications becasue they do not recognize their accredidation. Any information on this topic would be greatly appreciated!!!!

    Thank you
  20. Ted Heiks

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    ACI is not recognized by either CHEA or USDE as a legitimate accrediting agency.

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