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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Xspect, Jun 13, 2024.

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    Not sure if that is impressive or not.
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    We're not attending that many on-campus programs in here. LOL. I do have an "Interesting Credentials" thread in the off topic sub-forum filled with people who have 3+ doctoral degrees and 4+ master's degrees.

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    I remember a guy who had something like 15 Associate degrees, can’t remember if he was on LinkedIn.

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    I agree! I really want to study Master of Science in Computer Science focusing on Artificial Intelligence at Georgia Tech because I want to get its resources for living closer by. But I do not like the idea of having a fourth Master's degree.
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    That tends to be the case with people who have a lot of degrees at the same level. The man who holds the record for the most master's degrees has a bunch of education degrees. I'm side-eyeing the universities that let him do that. TESU won't let you earn a second bachelor's in a closely-related field. To earn a third bachelor's degree at Excelsior, you have to write an email justifying it.
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    Being a mortal, I indeed envy this Beaton something. I was even torn between purchasing one HMX course for myself and paying for a new autism intervention course for my daughter.
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    I have two masters degrees and I have reached a point that I have satisfied my educational endeavors…now it’s just work and move up.
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    I agree. Although earning an MPH from WGU in one term sounded appealing. Given my academic background with multiple advanced degrees, I now prioritize educational experiences that contribute to meaningful lifelong learning over completing assignments solely for the sake of obtaining another degree quickly.
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