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    Hello, all!

    I am currently finishing my bachelors degree in psychology and looking forward to graduate school. I've done a lot of research and my ultimate goal is to become a clinical psychologist. I am aiming for Fielding graduate university because of a lack of graduate schools in my area. Of course I want to make sure whatever graduate school I attend will provide me with a degree that I can use to become licensed in my state. One of the requirements of Washington State is one year in residency. Does this mean a year working in a clinical supervised environment? I just want to make sure this is not referring to actually living on campus. Thanks for your help!
  2. soupbone

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    "Completion of a doctoral degree from
    a regionally accredited institution. The
    doctoral degree program must include:

    • At least 40 semester hours, or 60
    quarter hours, of graduate courses in
    curriculum areas described in
    WAC 246-924-046. Courses must be
    clearly identified by title and course
    content as being part of an integrated
    psychology program.

    One year in residency.

    • Submission of an original dissertation
    which is psychological in nature and
    endorsed by the program; and

    • An organized, sequential and
    coordinated practicum and internship
    experience and internship experience
    as described in WAC 246-924-049 and
    WAC 246-924-056.
    Official transcript with degree and date posted, received
    directly from applicant’s program. Transcripts not in
    English must have an official translation.
    Must have one year or 750 hours in
    residency and a 300 hour practicum."

    I would call them and simply ask so that you hear it straight from them, but as I read it, yes, I believe that it means at least one year of the program must be in residency.
  3. JWC

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    I believe the program has to be APA (American Psychological Association) accredited as well.
  4. sanantone

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    If they don't mention APA accreditation, then they don't require it. Only a couple of states require APA accreditation for degrees. Now, the internship must either be accredited by APA, a member of APPIC, or meet the listed requirements.

    As soupbone said, I would call, but it does sound like the program can't be 100% by distance. The practicum and internship requirements are listed separately from the residency requirement.

    After further reading, the residency is 750 hours or one year, the practicum is 300 hours, and the internship is 1500 hours and must be completed within two years.
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  5. Chip

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    Even where licensure doesn't require the program you're in to be APA accredited, some employers do require APA accreditation. Only a small percentage of the probably thousands of psychology programs available from the many schools out there are APA accredited. So... if you want to give yourself the greatest flexibility career-wise, choosing a school whose psychology program is APA accredited will be your best choice. (Note that APA offers accreditation of a program, not a school. So a given school will have accreditation from its regional accreditor for the school itself, and from APA for the psychology program. (As far as I know, there are no APA-accredited programs that are not at regionally accredited schools.)

    Also, keep in mind that different states have wildly differing licensure requirements, so give real thought to where you want to end up before making a decision. For example, California requires a whopping 2000 hours of practice under a supervising (fully licensed) therapist before granting full licensure; most other states, last I checked, required 200 to 750 hours of supervised work, post-graduation.
  6. sanantone

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    I do believe the federal government has moved to requiring APA accreditation.
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    For most programs, residency typically means that you will have to meet on campus- rather be main campus or a regional campus. While it isn't always required by your state, I would URGE you to seek out an APA program.
  8. JWC

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    I was speaking of licensure requirements, not degrees.
  9. sanantone

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    That is what I'm talking about. Only a couple of states require APA-accredited degrees for licensure.

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