Liberty University CIO Offered $50k to Rig Polls

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by sanantone, Jan 17, 2019.

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    I wouldn't blame Liberty leadership, as a whole, for what the CIO did. However, Jerry Falwell Jr. dies have ties to Trump and Cohen. Last year regarding a lawsuit, Falwell admitted to giving a pool boy he didn't know long a $1.8 million loan to buy a hostel. It's believed that Michael Cohen was involved in the deal. I won't even get into all the gay rumors going around. There could be other reasons for why he gave this kid, who was practically a stranger, nearly $2 million.
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    As I said, hypocrites. God is a pretty interesting guy. He allowed all these sh!ts to happen in his name. These are the same people who want to tell women what they can do with there bodies, or try to dictate who can marry who.
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    The point here is not to bash Liberty. The point is to acknowledge the naked crookedness of the Trump administration. Maybe that point is so painfully obvious to everyone that it doesn't require any highlighting. Personally, I couldn't care less about the Liberty CIO. His karma will arrive, neatly wrapped, one day soon. It may look an awful lot like a subpoena from a federal grand jury. Please remember that when the FBI raided the offices of Michael Cohen they confiscated tens of thousands of documents, taped phone conversations, emails, phones, etc. Isn't it likely that Cohen actually has these orders from Trump on tape? Or in some other form of documentation? And then there's this,

    Since Cohen seems to have been in the habit of taping these conversations, don't you think it's quite possible that there's a tape of Trump ordering Cohen to commit perjury?

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