Lesser of two evils - Northwestern California University or Concord Law School

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  1. Redlyne Racer

    Redlyne Racer member

    You are correct Nosborne. One more reason to hate the ABA. The hypocrites give lip service to helping the poor and downtrodden (out of your pocket), but make it virtually impossible for poor or working class people to access the best law schools.
  2. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    I don't understand why you say that.

    Why do you dismiss Concord? It would seem to be well suited to that purpose.
  3. Nosborne

    Nosborne New Member

    Well suited to WHAT purpose? Tuition for four years at Concord exceeds, what, $28,000? That's a LOT for any non RA degree unless one intends to make some real use of it. But if one wants to use it, what's it good for? Teaching? Well, in California, maybe but there are plenty of ABA JDs out there willing to teach. Practice? Again, maybe in California IF you can pass the Baby Bar and General Bar but if that's what you want to do, there are much cheaper alternatives with better records.

    I'd really like to see law taught as an undergraduate major like biology or history.

    Nosborne, JD
  4. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    Law is a science worth studying for its own right like any other branch of human knowlege- Nosborne.

    I'm an old philosophy major, Nosborne. With us, along with the art historians, the classicists and the scholars of Sanskrit, the chances of landing a full-time teaching job are almost nil and the costs are extremely high. It's a calling, like becoming a monk.

    That's why DL, since it allows people to study part-time while keeping their day jobs, provides an avenue to follow one's intellectual passion while continuing to maintain a life.

    Perhaps one of the RA but not-ABA law schools in California (JFKU or New College perhaps) could start offering a DL JD. The ABA would never accept a DL law degree, but WASC probably wouldn't mind at all, since they already accredit DL doctoral programs. The degree would be bar-qualifying in California, and would perhaps have slightly more impact as a non-bar academic degree.

    One of my old professors at San Francisco State had a PhD in philosophy, and subsequently had earned a JD for his own personal edification, because he was interested in stuff like political and legal philosophy and ethics. I don't know if he had ever passed the bar exam, but I know that he didn't practice law.
  5. Nosborne

    Nosborne New Member


    Fair enough, by George! If I say that law is worthy of study in its own right, then I cannot condemn those willing to spend money to do it!

    Alas! To be worsted by a THEOLOGIAN! Or philospher. Or whatever...or are you a lawyer? That would be even WORSE!

    Hunh. The University of London LLB might be a better choice for this purpose than Concord, though.

    Nosborne, JD
  6. yankees98a

    yankees98a New Member

    Can someone whos been a student of both compare the two.. Is NWCU cassette tapes or the audio at least on CDs. Is Concord all video?
  7. Randy Miller

    Randy Miller New Member

    Or you could consider DETC accredited Taft and pay only $4K. Last time I looked Taft's tuition was around $5K.
  8. nickrego

    nickrego New Member

    I completed three years at Concord - or at least I did. 2 days before 4L, I get a trite email telling me that I only got a D in Evidence, when all of my other subjects were B's and even one A. They give you great options for this - repeat a full year for $10k, or go screw yourself. nice people. ?Really nice people. I am looking to transfer to another CA online law school for that reason. Concord is a money making machine, and their pass rates for the FYLSE and Bar are not that great next to other schools. just a thought......
  9. sideman

    sideman Active Member

    I really hate to hear this regarding Concord. They're supposed to be at the forefront of online distance law learning (or that's what they attempt to be) but it just seems to be posturing to me. If they continue to treat students negatively they might face the wrath of a class action suit by disgruntled students. Something has to give. Concord should tread lightly.

    BTW Nickrego, did you pass the FYLSE?
  10. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Nine years later....ppppphhhhtttt. Nothin'. The thing's the same. The legal profession continues to trail the rest of society, in many more ways than this.
  11. Underdogmatt

    Underdogmatt New Member

    Thanks for the info on Oak Brook, I was just sorry to see that, as so often happens, the Christian school, the only one that doesn't try to rape you for money and considers the law a worthy calling, not just a way to make a scandalous living off the pain of others, comes in for a few jabs. It gets a bit old for us Christians especially when you remember its the Christians (Pilgrims) that created an America of laws (Mayflower Compact) and personal freedom and lived peaceably with the Native Americans. It was pretty revolutionary idea for its day.

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