Least Expensive place to take 18 credits in the same discipline online? (Sociology)

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    I guess it is obvious that I am interested in teaching at the college level. In my state, taking courses without working towards a degree is not an option.

    One needs to get permission to take one class if you are not matriculating.

    I'm interested in Sociology courses. I did find a graduate certificate in Sociology that was designed for people who want to teach at the college level. This is offered at Appalachian State University in North Carolina. Since I am out of state, I'm afraid this might be too costly - it is my understanding that student loans are not provided for certificate programs.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    My only other option would be to take one or two classes per semester. I would need an inexpensive college with plenty of offerings in Sociology that would let me do this.

    Any ideas? Has anyone done this?
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    As I recall, BYU used to have a lot of courses and they are reasonable.
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    University of North Dakota has a fair assortment of Sociology courses at the undergrad level.

    They have a few interesting graduate certificates. None in Sociology but, depending upon your ultimate goal, some things that might be of interest (if you intended to take your Sociology cert and earn, say, an MA in Liberal Studies).
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    I just took a minute to peruse the Fort Hays State graduate certificates. They have some really interesting stuff. One day I should stop being lazy and actually try out some of their courses.
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    I'll look into UND also. Thanks Neuhaus!
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    Yes, Kismet, I kinda did ask a similar question. That was a while ago, though; and sometime there are new programs and new people who have information that I haven't found.

    Do you know of any places where I could take classes online, in one subject ala carte, if you will?
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    Make sure that 18 units will allow you to teach college in your state. In California a masters degree has been required for several years to teach in a CA State Community College.
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    I am enrolling in a masters in education - Teaching Social Studies - 7-14 - (13 and 14 include lower division college classes or community college)
    at Concordia University - Portland.

    It's a one year program. After that, I plan to take a certificate in teaching sociology at Appalachian State University in NC, online. This certificate is geared towards people who have a masters, but need 18 credits in sociology in order to teach.

    This program is not terribly expensive, and it qualifies for student loans.

    I wanted to post it, because I thought it might be of interest to others who need the 18 credits in sociology, and as I was, are looking for a place to take them online.
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    I changed my mind about Concordia.

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