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    A bit of interesting topic, does anyone have a good list of universities in India (with online offerings for international students)?

    India is a land of magic for me, I have met many interesting people with deep backstories from India. A lot of which is best goes on for their schools too, much as America. Also just like America, they are real provincial about their schools, I'm told Gujarat has some of the best business schools. Not 100% on this because the guy who told me this is from Rajasthan and his wife who was sitting beside us at the time is also from Gujarat. Also apparently "...a lot of people from Gujarat are excellent in business, so you should get a mate from there..." but yeah seems more anecdotal/stereotyped and biased again, but hey, I've never been there myself so maybe it's more of a "based" remark :emoji_zap:

    I know of two places so far, Mysore and Amity University Online. I'm personally excited to visit India one day and visit for an extended period of time as it has been so recommended to me, but living in Canada it's an expensive journey.

    Now if I'm honest, I'm very picky, but three factors I hold as tier-one considerations for education in India are price (LOL sorry I'm cheap what can I say), reputation, and does WES Canada recognise it. I know, I know, we're all sick and tired of WES Canada's expensive gatekeepering, but man WES is everything in Canada. Like businesses and educational institutions are like WES Canada or nothing doing.
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    Each of these also offer online programs; some but not necessarily all listed are open to international students.

    Amrita University
    Chandigarh University
    Jain University
    OP Jindal Global University
    IIIT Bangalore
    IIIT Hyderabad
    IIT Kanpur
    Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
    Lovely Professional University
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  5. Johann

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    I've been waiting 17 years for an answer to my enquiry. And I don't think that's anywhere near a record.
  6. Johann

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    Not to me - and apparently. not to the many, many Indians who leave there daily --- becauseor very good and basic reasons, they all want to come here. India has about 750,000 backward, poverty-stricken villages, where people often die of ailments that should be curable, because they lack $10-15 to buy medicine. Children go blind for their parents' lack of such small sums of money. Usury is rife and dirt-poor farmers are often in hock for life to the village Head man.

    Half the kids in India who should be in school - aren't. They're on labour contracts - indentured to the contractors because they will be fed, housed and make a bit of money they can send home to destitute parents. Successive iterations of India's corrupt government turn a blind eye to all of this.

    There used to be a disease here that many of us Brit immigrants called "immigritis." The longing for home, even though life is better here. This has disappeared in later immigrants. They never miss the place they lived -- just the people, especially relatives back home. Easy solution - sponsor them and bring them here. That's fine with me -- makes sense. Mom and Dad like it and it gets Grandma out of a hell-hole.

    @housecat Your magic is a myth. There's plenty of reading on it. Suggest you do some.
  7. Johann

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    You might start with National Geographic.

    And yes, before the sermonizing fingers do all the heavy waggling here, I KNOW there's a growing Indian middle class. So what. They're still a minority -- and those are the individuals most likely to qualify for immigration elsewhere. No escape for the others.

    And after thousands of years, the caste system is still there in all its horror. Born with it, die with it. And pretty unvarnished language from official circles. I was reading the exam requirements for entry into an Indian University. Pretty much verbatim:

    "A minimum mark of 70% is required in the National Examination for entry. For the Scheduled Castes and other backward peoples, (sic) the required minimum is 65%." Affirmative action I guess.

    But -- good place for distance learning for us. Those IIT's in particular are top-notch schools. I'm glad it's distance learning.
  8. SteveFoerster

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    That's kind of ironic considering what you were doing when you were writing this.
  9. Jonathan Whatley

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    IIT Guwahati also has online programs.
  10. Johann

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    "Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time...." :)
  11. Bruce

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    Madurai Kamaraj University offers undergrad and graduate degrees (no doctorates) plus diplomas, certificates, and PG Diplomas in many subjects.

    Not sure where you are, but they have a US representative.

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    I am not unaware, but I was trying to keep things positive. These issues have a lot deeper origins and meanings, which are quite out of scope of the forum I believe. I have already received information you discuss in your post from people who lived through it, and while there is good and bad, it's not my place to judge as a lot of it is closely tied to religion, and it's their struggle. It does vary a lot between urban and rural. And yes, I've seen almost every documentary I can find years ago which prompted me to ask questions of my classmates. Quite illuminating, but there exists the good, the bad, and the ugly. Canada, the USA, Australia, and so forth also have the good, the bad, and the ugly, so yeah, most countries do. The magic comes in the culture and experiences that they actually want to talk about.
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    US is in third in number of universities after India and Indonesia. That equates to a lot bad colleges.
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    A good observation. Like my situation. I've found the people can transmit and teach cultural matters very well. For instance, I like Nigerians and Nigerian culture - * "Wazobia". I would NEVER, however want to live in Nigeria. I'm already 28 years past the average Nigerian life expectancy. of 53, and according to the Bank of Nigeria's official figures, 69% of the population lives in poverty. (I think their line is somewhere around $3,000 / yr.) The poor in Nigeria suffer an average of four out of the nine possible deprivations of poverty.

    * Wazobia is a word coined from "Wa, Zo, Bia" the words for "come" in Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo - the three major Native languages in Nigeria. It means all aspects of Nigerian culture in toto. They tend to understand my point of view.

    I am glad that through friends here and DISTANCE EDUCATION it is possible to learn about interesting and pleasant cultural aspects of other societies, e.g. languages and music, without having to visit dangerous or devastatingly poor places. My friends here tend to understand my point of view. They've lived there -- and chosen not to, any more.
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  15. housecat

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    Interesting you mention Nigeria specifically, one of my best friends, originally from China, emigrated to Nigeria and later on to Canada and she observed this too.

    This reminds me to be humble and it is a privilege what we do, having distance education, I hope one day it will help me to make a difference, to leave my mark.
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    Sorry housecat, but it seems Indian online education is no longer an option: https://www.indiatoday.in/education-today/news/story/ugc-order-bars-foreign-students-from-indian-open-distance-course-admissions-2532688-2024-04-28
  17. Jonathan Whatley

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  18. mintaru

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    OK, so I was wrong.
    I probably should have checked if there were any more recent developments on this. It seems "Open and Distance Learning (ODL) programmes." are a separate category of programmes. I had no idea about that.
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    In the context of Indian universities, "online" refers to courses and examinations that are conducted entirely online, whereas "ODL" (Open and Distance Learning) typically requires in-person attendance for examinations.

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