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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by JimLane, Dec 26, 2008.

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  2. RoscoeB

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    Good luck with the blog, Jim.

    I've considered doing one myself, but just can't find the time. Actually, I wonder how people find the time for all the social networking activities. I'm involved with so many writing projects I can hardly keep my sanity. Now there's twitter. Some of my friends in marketing/copywriting are saying twitter is the next best thing for marketing. Others argue that blogging is the way to go.

    I wonder what will come next.

  3. JimLane

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    I did a marketing-oriented blog that rose quite well through the ranks, but did not generate any revenue because I did not build it up for that. It was dfone to keep co-faculty updated on things that fell outside their non-teaching professions. despite no posts in over a year and totally removing it from the web, it is STILL ranked among the top 1.3 million blogs. There are about 18 million "active" blogs and another 50 million or so, like mine. Yet there it sits among the active blogs.

    Possibly, I may do another one for for someone, but it will have to pay. I was spending about 40 hours a week on it. But then it made it into the top 1% of active blogs and the top quarter percent of all blogs - back in the day.

    Tweeting is faster and allows me to point others to sources without having to author a blog. For example, here is the link from a tweet about Harley Davidson:

    Reading: "MediaPost Publications - Harley Adds Muscle To Female-Directed Efforts - 12/29/2008" ( ) -- all I did was click a button, select "reading" and twitthat did the rest including shrinking the link.

  4. galtmilemedia

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    You would be better off to build your blog with its own domain name. Build it by driving traffic, quality content, and advertising revenue. If the blog becomes successful you can either make a good side income or sell it.

    There is a new version of wordpress called the revolution theme that makes your blog look like an online rather than a traditional blog. I manage all of my blogs as magazines for that very purpose
  5. RoscoeB

    RoscoeB Senior Member

    A few questions:

    * Once you have a blog, how often should you post?

    * How many visitors do you need to generate ad revenue?

    * What do you think of video blogs?


  6. RoscoeB

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    Thanks, Jim.

    I hear a lot of book publishers and agents now expect authors to have a blog as part of their marketing platform. One author I know killed her enewsletter and replaced it with a blog.

    I'm also seeing more professors blog these days. I wonder what impact it has on their reputation.

  7. JimLane

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    First, thanks, galtmilemedia, for the suggestions. I'll take them under active consideration. I am running the bare-bones online Wordpress.

    Roscoe, as far as the individual's reputation, it would depend on what they were posting and what sites they were linked to. A site's reputation also depends upon the writer's interaction with other site, again keeping in mind the quality of those sites.

    The reason for a blog being written should give rise to how often it is updated. Some are monthly, some weekly, some daily. I do not know technorati's criteria for calling a blog inactive, but mine has been gone for the better part of the year and is still up among the active blogs. It does have a long way to fall though. (I did own the domain but only to "protect" the blog).

    Marketing Canapes was updated daily with multiple posts. I can accomplish much the same via twitter without having a blog. The limitation is the 140-character max post size.

    The new blog is for telling stories about kitchens and families, so twits will be used to lead people to posts there.

    Memories of a Warm Kitchen will take some time to build itself as stories are added. It, in actuality, is something I wanted to do before my mother passes away. She even suggested a "whoops!" story for me to post about another of her memorable goofs. That is something for later in the night while mulling it over a cup of coffee or a short glass of wine.


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