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    Hey, thanks! I learned something new, here. I knew the term "jelly roll" from blues and jazz. Its original meaning is uh- something beyond this discussion. :) The term got into all sorts of old, rather salacious songs and even into people's names - e. g. Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton - a great musician - and also a maker of outrageous claims, such as having personally invented Jazz in his native New Orleans, in 1899. Not true, but he was an excellent composer and a pioneer in early jazz piano.

    The quilting "jelly roll?" I had no idea - so I looked it up and here it is from Google:

    "What Are Jelly Rolls?... Jelly rolls are pre-cut strips of coordinating fabric designs with a standard width and length (2 ½ x 44 in). With 10 to 40 strips a roll, they're ideal for crafting cushions, quilts, patches and other home projects."

    Thanks, rhodamine. (I looked up "rhodamine," too.) :)
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    Sorry, man! I know that couldn't be right.
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    That's OK, Steve. And yeah - 16 couldn't be right. Our sons were already 8 and 5 in 1978! :)
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    How interesting, Johann! You sew! I admit that I'm always surprised to run into a man that knits or crochets. Nothing like stereotyping, right? I admire useful skills since I possess so few of my own. (Not much market for pontification.)
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    Well --- I did. And I will again. Yes - stereotyping sucks. Always has, always will. And I know you have many skills, beside your law career, Nosborne, e.g. cooking, and gadding about the world on your shortwave ham rig - not to mention your piano playing and extensive knowledge of your preferred genre of music - classical. You're also very proficient in Spanish, well-read and a scholar. Your formal education has covered a very wide spectrum - from electronics and broadcasting, to law, taxation etc. Humility is nice - but don't sell yourself short! :)

    There must be a New Mexico Renaissance going on - :)
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