Know of any online French law classes?

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  1. Hokiephile

    Hokiephile New Member

    A retired lawyer friend of mine is interested in taking some French law classes. Anyone know of any? They can even be in French as he is fluent.
  2. CalDog

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    BARBRI is a well known company that offers bar review classes, including online classes, for recent law school graduates. As an attorney, he could consider taking the BARBRI online review class for the Louisiana Bar Exam; this would cover Louisiana's unique state legal system, which is based (in part) on French rather than English law:

    It seems possible that there might be a Canadian bar review company that would offer online classes in Quebec law, which has similar roots in the French legal system.

    Although I've never heard of anyone taking a bar review class for fun or personal interest.
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  3. Hokiephile

    Hokiephile New Member

    Louisiana law isn't french law. It's code-based law just like the civil law of Europe, but it's not French law. In La it's the system of law that is French(ish) not the substance that is French. And Canadian law in the French language also isn't French law. It's Canadian law in French! But thanks for the effort.

    Anyone know of any French universities that offer online programs?
  4. CalDog

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    Quebec provincial law isn't just written in French: it includes a French(ish) system of civil law, as in Louisiana. As you pointed out, neither jurisdiction literally uses "French law", but they do have French-heritage legal systems.

    The only reason for suggesting these North American options is that it may be difficult to find a real French law school that offers online classes -- just as it would be difficult to find real online law classes in most US states (apart from unaccredited law schools in California).
  5. ITJD

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    Odd how the board goes through phases of questions about theology schools and then law schools with very little overlap.
  6. ITJD

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    Here's a list of many (though probably not all) law schools in France. Click-Ahoy and let us know if you find anything.

  7. novemberdude

    novemberdude New Member

    I at one time researched this very question. I found some programs using the following search engine.

    From memory there are several online masters level programs offered by French universities. I am not sure if the content is specifically French law. I believe that there are also some Licence (Bachelor equivalent) programs that may be partially distance learning but I cannot recall finding one that was 100% online. This goes back a couple years so this may all have changed.

    Toulouse 1 comes to mind as a school that may have offered an online program, but again, it has been a few years.

    As an aside the Quebec Civil code was rewritten in the early 1990s, from what I understand it continues to bear some similarity to French law less than it used to. There are still of course some concepts that are more civilian in nature, but that is another conversation.
  8. novemberdude

    novemberdude New Member

  9. Hokiephile

    Hokiephile New Member

    I think an undergrad or grad class along the lines of a "business law" class that you might take as an UG at an American school would suit him. It doesn't really have to be from a law school. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I will pass them on. As he's fluent in french he should be able to navigate their websites pretty well.

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