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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by jra, Nov 9, 2007.

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    Hello guys... maybe some of you can help me... i was talking to a friend and she was very excited about the promotion and salary raise she was getting as soon as she complete her bachelors in business... when i asked her which school she was attending she answered Kennedy Western University.... i was shocked and well i had to tell her the full truth about her school... and well she realized that thats not what she wants unacredited degree... forbidden in some states etc.. so she wants her money or at least part of it back.. i was wondering if anybody here had problems receiving refunds from KW and if any of you could offer me advice on the way to handle the situation.. any help would be very appreciated...

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Bill Huffman

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    WNU has a return policy. Within a few days or so the returnable amount drops off to zero. Many have posted here saying they would like to get their money back. I think that her best bet is if she lives in a state where the degree use is restricted. She could then demand money back based on the fact that WNU knew (should have known) that her degree would be useless but they didn't warn her. Here's the Wikipedia article with the list of where the WNU degrees are restricted.
  3. Ian Anderson

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    If she paid by credit card recently maybe she can get the charge cancelled.
  4. jra

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    She used a loan
  5. Randy Miller

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    Normally every Kennedy Western student is required to sign a statement acknowleding that the school is unaccredited before they are enrolled.

    If she didn't sign the statement the chances of getting all her money back is good. If she did sign it, good luck.

  6. BlueMason

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    Caveat Emptor ...
  7. Rich Douglas

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    Kennedy-Western/Warren National operates legally in Wyoming. You are subject to whatever provisions that state has for refunding tuition--if any--as well as the university's (if any).

    Remember for next time, you don't have to get a refund on something you didn't decide to buy in the first place.

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