Keiser University goes non-profit

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    Keiser U. Goes Nonprofit - Government - The Chronicle of Higher Education

    go to the link for the rest
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  2. airtorn

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    On a related note, I did not realize that Everglades University recently made the transition from NA to RA.
  3. SteveFoerster

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    I used to work there, and this is truly astonishing news to me. I guess Dr. Keiser figures that once you've made a billion dollars or so, hey, you can afford to be magnanimous?

  4. Chip

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    Could be that, or it could be that they are going to be "nonprofit" in the same way a number of giant medical insurance carriers, or so-called debt counseling services are... through a network of consultancies and contractors, they essentially run exactly the same as a for-profit, bleeding off assets through overpriced outsourcing, but with the veneer of respectability that comes with the nonprofit status.

    Hopefully it's not the case, but I'm always a little skeptical when I hear of a for-profit going nonprofit.

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