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    Admittedly, I am - sometimes - a lowbrow. But I have found a quuite interesting website that might change it: https://www.kadenze.com/. They teach all sorts of art online and offer even college credits (admittedly, they are quite expensive) for some courses.

    Does anyone know other not-so-well-known websites that have similar offerings?

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    They pulled together courses from all these great schools - Berklee to Columbia - and put 'em on STEAM? ...Absolutely BRILLIANT. Perfect place - they're all relevant to STEAM clients. I saw they have a 3D printing course. Great. I took a free one elsewhere about a week ago. Learned how GCode works. My 3 grandsons are all pretty good with 3D printing. So are their Dads. (One teaches it.) Just tryin' to keep up... :)
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