Joint American Heritage University & Southern Luzon State University DBA

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    I don't have time to even sprint though that website but my first glance makes me wonder if any of it is legitimate.
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    American Heritage is not accredited, but has California approval, which is pretty meaningless at this time. But they also qualify their graduates to take the California Bar, which is a positive indicator.

    I don't see that the Southern Luzon State connection is all that helpful, since SLS also has affiliations with a bunch of other unaccredited schools, such as Akamai University of Hawaii, which has often been discussed here and on other forums.

    As I've been writing for many years, if one is very confident that a degree like this will satisfy current and predictable future needs, then go for it.

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    Hi Dr Bear,

    Thank you for your informed response.

    The reasons why I'm considering the program are as follow:

    a) Flexible scope. The student can specialize in any subject of interest in the dissertation stage.
    b) Low cost. Less than USD6,000 after scholarships are applied.
    c) Do-ability. The program is designed to fit into the busy schedules of working professionals and can be completed in less than 3 years with appropriate effort.
    d) Dual degrees. Two DBAs are awarded. One from AHU and another from SLSU.
    e) SLSU is a state accredited university in the Philippines.

    If enrolled, I plan to use the degree program as

    a) a structured approach to developing advanced business knowledge, and
    b) as a platform for developing advanced business research skills.

    The credential itself is only useful when I take up occasional business speaking engagements. My domain of work doesn't require a DBA.

    Having said that, I draw the line with credentials that are illegal for use in certain jurisdictions or may cause others to cast serious doubts on my professional abilities.

    Other programs that I'm considering are the professional doctorates at Swiss Management Center:
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    Nevermind, good luck on your educational journey.

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