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    According to a reporter for Norway's main business publication, Kapital, the authorities have pretty well determined that Anders Brevik, the Norwegian who murdered 77 people, mostly children, in one day last year, financed his terrorist activities by selling fake degrees to Americans through a website called "Nearly a million dollars worth," says the reporter.

    The name sounds familiar, but I can find nothing substantial. is aware of it, but there are no links to old websites. He is said to have operated from 2002 two 2005. I would very much like to know more, should anyone have information, memories, or can do a better search than I.

    Also, if anyone has looked at, or can look at the Norwegian press sites, it would be of great interest to learn how the authorities know what they know .


  2. OMG!! This would be really wild.
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    This is probably not much help, Dr. Bear, but here's an excerpt from Breivik's explanation as to why he sold fake diplomas:

    Breivik says he set up illegal firm selling fake degrees because " didn't want to pay tax income to a regime supporting multiculturalism."

    It's from a Twitter posting by a reporter named Helen Pydd.

    I also found a quote elsewhere, a chilling remark by Breivik to the effect that running this business was "morally despicable but profitable."

    ...and just what can ANDERS BREIVIK claim to know about "morally despicable?"


    PS - From what I've read of the court case, this diploma factory is the only financially successful business Breivik is known to have engaged in.
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    Wow. People who bought fake degrees would rationalize that 'they weren't hurting anyone.' Hard for people to say that in this case. I wonder what university name the degrees were sold under?
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    Probably MANY MANY names. Most of the more efficient outfits of this kind will fake-to-order. You name the Uni and they will produce a reasonable facsimile. If you don't have a particular existing school in mind, they'll have lots of nice-looking, print-ready templates with made-up school names for you to choose from.

    I hesitate to link to such sites in this forum, but if you Google "diploma replacement service" you'll find similar outfits. They will usually print-to-order, as far as the school name is concerned. Whatever - Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate.


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