Islamic Cleric and Sharia Law

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by ebbwvale, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. ebbwvale

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    Sunrise Videos Channel 7

    An interesting television clip from today concerning an argument for Sharia law.

    Radical Islam is still a threat and this Australian Cleric is arguing for a distinct area of Australia to be governed by Sharia Law. He has also argued that Australian Soldiers in Afghanistan are terrorists who deserve to be killed. He likes Australia because of its natural resources, but implies that Australian culture (western values) should be eradicated (a little ethnic cleansing there for the unconvertable). Australia's association with the US should be discontinued in favor with a closer association with the Indonesian Islamic Community. Democracy, of course, is totally erroneous and Gays/ Womens rights should be eliminated.

    I think this fellow is quite dangerous because he is articulate and he has managed to get his argument on national television which enhances his credibility. What I don't see is any Islamic Cleric presenting a dissenting voice to this radicialism which, to me, speaks very loudly.

    I think he has defined my beliefs by articulating his own. Any negotiation or compromise on western values, from my perspective, is untenable. I think we need in my country, at least, to reinforce these values throughout the education system and in the socio-political arena. Any backsliding will be met with the same result that appeasement achieved for a peaceful Europe.
  2. Bruce

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    If people want to live in a country that uses Sharia Law, then they need to move to one of the Islamic Republics that already uses Sharia Law, and there are plenty of them. Sovereign nations should absolutely reject and actively work against any attempts to have Sharia Law replace or even influence the duly constituted laws of their nation and the various political subdivisions of the nation.

    Look no further than the United Kingdom to see the fiasco that will result from compromising with Muslim radicals;


    Here in the United States, we have the freedom of religion, which means anyone can practice whatever religion they choose, provided it's in accordance with our laws. You want to paint yourself blue and worship trees? Have at it. You want to declare that a dog is your Messiah, and pray to it/bring it gifts? Good luck to you.

    However, if your religion is in conflict with the duly constituted laws of our country and our assorted states, that's a big NO-GO. There is a large mosque in my patrol area, and as a result, many Muslims live nearby. More than once, I've arrested a man for beating his wife, and the man was shocked...."But in my country, I can do that" is the usual response. My reply is "Well, guess what? We're not in your country".

    If you want to abide by Sharia Law, then more power to you. Just take it somewhere else where it doesn't conflict with the established laws of free people.
  3. friendorfoe

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    I for one do not understand why we offer more tolerance to Islamic clerics who espouse ethnic cleansing than we would to a modern day Nazi, yet we as a society do. We want to “understand” them and negotiate with them. We seek to appease them and fear angering them. It just beats me to no end and I don’t get it. These guys should be relegated to the backwater fringe of society where they belong, right along with the KKK and Skinheads. Giving air time to this type of tripe is dangerous and irresponsible.

    They’ve done so in France (somewhat) and in Canada as well as the UK. My wife watched as a group of Muslims surrounded a woman (one of their own supposedly) and shoved and spit on her for her hair being exposed and for talking to an Irishman who was with my wife’s church group. She said there were about 15 of them and they came out of nowhere like an angry mob and pulled her away…this was in Canada. Now I don’t know what kind of mindset one has to have to think that’s okay, but anyone doing that to my daughter or wife had better have life insurance.
  4. 03310151

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    All of your concerns will soon be dismissed as "fear-mongering" at least and "racist" at best. I've had someone on Facebook tell me they are more afraid of neo-cons (religous right) than Muslims because "not all Muslims are like that". But, when it comes to you racist homophobic christians, well we all know that you are all the same.
  5. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator Staff Member

    Can anyone recall the last time a video surfaced of Christians beheading someone in the name of Jesus Christ?

  6. friendorfoe

    friendorfoe Active Member

    Golly Gee Wally Cory, you got me pegged. You might be surprised to learn that Islam is not a race as there are Muslims of every race and every the (ignorant) racists rant is right out. The homophobic thing, well I honestly see no reason why 2 consenting adults (or 3 or 4 for that matter) should be prohibited from doing what they want behind closed doors so I guess that’s right out too (and I'm still confused what that has to do with Islam in the context of this conversation by I digress). Lastly I’m not a neo-con as there is nothing “neo” about my largely libertarian beliefs (that probably does not qualify as conservative either but whatever).

    But hey, let’s take your staunch defense of this guy at face value. How do you think this cleric in the video would view homosexuals or women and their rights or hey…how even other religions or different sects of his own religion? You think he’d be for stoning or just go right for the beheading? Maybe you feel that Skinheads are simply misunderstood urbanite white boys or that the KKK is really just a bunch of good old boy rednecks that need a hug? Extremist views are dangerous regardless of the race, nationality, sex or religion of the person espousing it. Calling for ethnic cleansing is one of the most abhorrent acts a human being can do whether they be Christian Germans or Muslim Arabs. But of course this forum probably doesn't pack the kind of intellectual honesty and weight Facebook does.
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  7. friendorfoe

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    I think all of that took place before video, sometime around the Dark Ages. Of course we Christians then rejected that sort of past time, named it the Dark Ages if for nothing more than to show our distaste for that sort of behavior and then invented reality TV :)
  8. 03310151

    03310151 Active Member

    ??????????? Where are you going? I think you read my post wrong, or maybe I did not clarify my position well enough. I'm not defending this guy or any other "extremists". Good grief. That last part about the Christians was tongue in cheek, since that is the arguement I hear from some people.

  9. friendorfoe

    friendorfoe Active Member

    Sorry Cory, I guess sarcasm does not translate well in writing. My bad.
  10. Petedude

    Petedude New Member

    Happens to many of us.

    I'd recommend a "[sarcasm] [/sarcasm]" bit for something like that.
  11. 03310151

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    Eh, no biggie FoF, like Pete says it happens. Most of my posts contain sarcasm and I know they are usually poorly worded and organized. I'm actually surprised I do not have this happen more often.
  12. ebbwvale

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    I must admit I have been fairly casual about it until now. Mostly, I worry about the Australian Cricket Team getting beaten, the rugby team defeating New Zealand ( or worse being defeated by New Zealand), and host of other sports. I knew Australian Soldiers were in conflict in Afghanistan and I whole heartedly support them (I have worn the uniform). Australians are busy surfing and living the lifestyle we like. We seemed to be far away from the madness which seemed to be in abstract.

    What I didn't realise until now how big this thing really is and that I am in a fight, whether I like it or not, for my core values (actually all my values) and, indeed, the country that is mine. I am offended by the arrogance of this individual and the people who follow him. I have, in the past, respected all religions, even though I may not agree with them. It seems that he and his followers respect nobody except their own. He even wants to imprison his own in a shroud of hate masking as love, yet not a dissenting voice from other Islamic Clerics. I can only assume they agree. Somebody coined this as Islamic Fascism. If this person's views are representative of the whole (and I have heard nothing to suggest otherwise), then it is difficult to disagree. We are up to our waist in a fight again for civilised values.
  13. friendorfoe

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    I agree, Fascism is Fascism whether wearing a turban or a swastika.
  14. friendorfoe

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    I just picked up on the fact he said "good Christians" in the Bible Belt interfere with other Christians smoking, drinking and dancing as they are against Christianity. As a Christian living in the Bible belt buckle I laughed so hard I spit beer on the screen and dropped my cigarette in my lap. When I jumped up trying to swat the flames out my wife noticed my sudden enthusiastic movements and since the radio was on came in to dance with I guess maybe this guy has no idea what he's talking about. (Note the sarcasm, I don't really dance).

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