Is this school Legit?

Discussion in 'High School Education via Distance Learning' started by ray_ray70570, Aug 20, 2008.

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    Hello board,

    I have been researching this morning for a friend that has a daughter that is about to enroll in this school. I can't find any info from the Florida Department of Ed. and when I call FDOE they can't give me a straight answer. Is this a legit school or not? First coast academy, It is supposed to be an online high school.
    It seems too good to be true.
    Any response please.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I can't find any accredited information about this school. Recommend your friend with Penn Froster.
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    Deleted, oops gave wrong school information.
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    I would not trust this school's Accrediting Agency.

    National Accrediting Agency

    QUOTE: "We provide accreditation to non-public schools,including the following: Educational Day Care Centers, Tutoring & Learning Centers,
    Preparatory Schools & Academies, Elementary Schools, Middle Schools and High Schools."

    National Accrediting AGENCY FAQ'S:

    Q- Why would a private school need accreditation?
    A- Accreditation is a third party validation - a statement by a
    group of persons that a given school has been thoroughly investigated and found worthy of approval and has been certified as meeting certain set standards. Authentic accreditation is a sign that a given school is legitimate!

    Q- What does the National Accreditation Agency actually do for a school?
    A- We investigate schools to substantiate that they are operating legally and run legitimately. Our team will conduct visitations to observe the school in action and to study amounts of information that the school must prepare, relating to it's legal and academic structure. If a school does not meet up to our standards, we can advise them on how to improve the situation, so that they do qualify for accreditation.
    Q- How much does it cost to be accredited with The National Accreditation Agency?
    A- Each school and facility is different; therefore the cost may vary depending upon the circumstances. For information on this, please contact us via E-mail or phone. A representative will be in touch with you within 24 hours.
    Q- What steps are involved in accreditation and how long does it take?
    A- 1. Contact our accreditation agency at the E-mail link above, or by phone.

    2. The representative will let you know when and how an application for accreditation can be obtained.

    3. Once we receive the application and terms are met, a visit to the school will be scheduled within 3 - 6 months.

    4. After the visitation, the school can receive their certificate for accreditation at that time, providing all criteria and standards have been met. If there is any problem keeping a school from being accredited, this will be documented and the school can receive accreditation after the situation has been resolved."

    Please RUN don't walk away from this school.
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    First of all thank you all for replying with great info. I also wondered about why would you need accredidation as a private high school.
    However, the Florida Department of Ed has informed me that this is a registered non-public school operating in their Duval county district. I'm still going to suggest that my friend's daughter look eleswhere.
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    This is interesting... if you find such a program that's accredited please keep me updated...
    I have a friend that dropped out of highschool after 11th grade...
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    Here is one that has WASC accreditation
    I'm sure you would find others if you search for virtual high schools
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    Thanx for all your replys... I'm going to look into these schools...
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    If it is a Florida school your friend is looking for, the Florida Virtual School is FREE if you live in Florida. See
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    Your friend can join the Homeschool Buyer's Coop which takes about 10 seconds and is totally free. You get on the email list, and they do "group buys" so that the members can earn a discount. Anyway, they have a current promo featuring Penn Foster. I think it's a good discount, although I have no first hand experience with Penn Foster, many people here and in my homeschool community have good things to say.
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    do you know anything like this in NJ?
  16. kayausa

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    You can't be older than 19 for this school... my friend is 21...
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    Just a thought; why not go for an AA degree?
    In California for example one can enter a community college afterage 18 without a high school diploma. (After taking the introductory classes one could also take the GED exam).
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    I have not read through all the posts, but if not mistaken SACS also accredits High Schools here in SC. Contact them and see if you can get a straight answer.
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    NO it is not a real school. It's a scam!

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