Is there a better institute with MS in computer Science

Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by Rohan, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. Rohan

    Rohan New Member

    I am thinking of Masters from CNUAS ( California National university of Advance Studies) but now don't feel very excited about and have to look for other schools because their customer service is horrible. It's hard to get answers from them for anything.
    So, are there any other online Masters in computer science program that costs under $10k please share. ?
  2. Rohan

    Rohan New Member even a single reply. Is no here taking MS computer science from a DETC college??
  3. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    I haven't looked recently but I'm guessing that this question has been asked and answered several times in the past year. If you skim back through the old threads you'll probably find some valuable information.
  4. Thorvald

    Thorvald New Member

    Part of the problem in getting a reply may be that CNU does not seem to offer a masters in computer science.

    If you are interested in CS then take a look at University of Illinois, Springfield
    which is RA an at $294.75 per credit for 32 credits rings in at $9432!


    Best wishes---Jim
  5. Rohan

    Rohan New Member

    Thanks guys for the reply. CNUAS actually offers Masters of Engineering in Computer science and I have contacted them but their admission support is terrible. They dont' get back on any queries. But you can start any Friday.

    I like UIS, but they are like a typical B&M institute in terms of requirements. They only allow you go get in during Spring or Fall semester and have limit of 2 courses per semester, + those courses have to be offered during that semester + you have to apply within a certain time period + you have to meet all the pre-requisite courses + They will evaluate each course despite having BS from Excelsior...and much more.
    I guess it is very hard to meet all their enrollment requiremnets. 2 courses per semester means it would take 2 years to complete MS ( 2 courses *4 credits each*4 semesters = 2 years)
  6. rlong107

    rlong107 New Member

    A great place to begin your search for an affordable CS degree would be GetEducated's list:

    As you can see, many decent options are available at State schools and this is by no means an exhaustive list.

    If price is not major concern (i.e. your tuition is covered by your employer etc), then several highly ranked "pure" Computer Science programs are available via distance/online and some are listed below

    University of Florida M.S. in Computer Science:

    Drexel University M.S. in Computer Science

    Johns Hopkins University M.S. in Computer Science:

    Stanford University M.S. in Computer Science:

    Louisville University M.S in Computer Science

    Colorado State University Master of Computer Science:

    North Carolina State University Master of Computer Science:
  7. oligarchy

    oligarchy New Member

    If you don't meet all the pre-requisite courses, you don't have an undergrad degree in CS. I'm not sure why that would be a problem, you do need the appropriate background to take courses. The pre-reqs are there for a reason.

    Also, admission into the program shouldn't be hard. This isn't a Tier I/II school we are talking about here.

    Also, the limit on courses is 4 in actuality. It's just a recommendation that you take only 1 or 2 per semester. I've taken 3 courses in a semester twice. I'm taking one this semester and 1 next semester (that's 18 months from start to finish). You could finish in 2 semesters if you really wanted to. You could finish in 3 semesters by taking 3 classes for two semesters and 2 classes your final semester (3 fall, 3 spring, 2 summer, which would put you a 1 year start to finish). The program, with fees is closer to 11,000. I think tuition for 3 classes was 4400 and 2 classes is 2600. The program is pretty open, and there is always courses offered each semester and doesn't have a required set of classes. You can pick whatever classes that you haven't taken during that semester. You can make the difficulty level of the program what you want. You also don't have to do a thesis, but a research project / seminar for graduation. You can do a thesis option though!
  8. Rohan

    Rohan New Member

    Hi Oligrachy,

    Are you taking classes at UIS. If yes the fee for distance learning is $294.75 per credit . So for 32 credits should be $9432.00. At least that's what their web site says. How come you are paying $4400 for 3 classes. It should be around $3500.
    Also, are there any exams. If yes how many and how do you take them?
  9. kleos

    kleos New Member

    Oligarchy, I am also interested in your experience at UIS. Do/did you enjoy it overall? And how many of your tests were proctored? Thanks.
  10. oligarchy

    oligarchy New Member

    So, I looked back and I was slightly off, it was about 3900 for tuition and fees. What you say for tuition is correct, but they have fees that maybe you missed. 100 per online course, plus 132 for more than 6 hours (or 66 for less than 6 hours), S2S grant - 4 dollars per semester, Library Fee - 60 per semester and a service fee of 15.50 per semester. Here's my breakdown from last semester

    Fall 2009 - Springfield 13-Aug-2009 Graduate Tuition $3,537.00
    Fall 2009 - Springfield 13-Aug-2009 Student To Student Grant $4.00
    Fall 2009 - Springfield 13-Aug-2009 Campus and Library Tech Assmnt $60.00
    Fall 2009 - Springfield 13-Aug-2009 Online Student Services Fee $132.00
    Fall 2009 - Springfield 13-Aug-2009 Online Course Fee $100.00
    Fall 2009 - Springfield 13-Aug-2009 Online Course Fee $100.00
    Fall 2009 - Springfield 13-Aug-2009 Online Course Fee $100.00
    Fall 2009 - Springfield 13-Aug-2009 Service Fee $15.50

    As far as classes are concerned, each class is different, but most require a midterm and final, some just a final exam. I've done classes where I had to have both exams proctored and some where only the final was proctored. I've taken one class that didn't require any exam, just a project.

    I guess the experience is okay. It has been pretty much what I have expected it to be. It's not a difficult program, if you have a CS undergraduate it should be a cake walk.
  11. kleos

    kleos New Member

    Thanks for the info oligarchy. I had pretty much ruled UIS out of my choices but the idea of doing the program in 1 year is very tempting. I have a lot to think about...
  12. baystboy

    baystboy New Member


    I am canadian citizen and looking for MS-compute science degree fromUSA universirty and want to complete ASAP. I have lot of IT experiecne of 15 years. I came to this page by online search.

    Want to know more about UIS?

    1. Wheather it is accredited?
    2. Current fee and admission?
  13. oligarchy

    oligarchy New Member

    1. Wheather it is accredited?

    Yes, it is a regionally accredited school.

    2. Current fee and admission?

    Tuition is 322 per credit (10304 for tuition alone) I don't know the current fee structure, but assuming it is close to what it was, then probably another 1300 for the program in fees. So 11,500 to 12,000 would be my guess for actual totals.

    Admission is pretty simple since it appears they removed the GRE requirement.

    * General Prerequisites:
    MAT 302 Discrete Mathematics
    MAT 113 Business Calculus or MAT 115 Calculus I
    MAT 121 Applied Statistics Computer Science Prerequisites
    * :
    CSC 225 Computer Programming Concepts I
    CSC 275 Computer Programming Concepts I
    CSC 376 Computer Organization
    CSC 385 Data Structures and Algorithms
    CSC 388 Programming Languages
    CSC 389 Introduction to Operating Systems

    Looks like they'll waive some reqs if you have certain experience.

    I graduated the program already, so I can probably answer other questions you may have.
  14. tobexmastermind

    tobexmastermind New Member

    FROM B.SC. Economics to M.Sc. Computer Science

    Hello all,
    I have a B.Sc. in Economics, but my passion lies fully in I.T. (Software Engineering to be precise). So, I am thinking of pursing a M.Sc. in Computer Science with a focus on Software Engineering. However, there seem not to be any school in the U.S. that accepts students from other disciplines into their M.SC. Software Eng (computer Sci) programs.
    So, Is there anyone who knows any University that has this option. OR what do you advise me to do. I intend to start in 2012. Should I look towards starting over from the B.Sc. level or what. Please, I need your advise as I have been confused. Thank yo
  15. baystboy

    baystboy New Member

    I got mail from and link according to it cost coming to $11046.50. As my degree is not from computer science I have to do some other courses.

    Tuition Calculator - University of Illinois Springfield - UIS

    "The degree requires 32 credit hours. This is equal to 8 courses. You will need to complete four courses at the 500 level, three courses at either the 400 or 500 level, and finally CSC 540 Graduate Research Seminar. Our curriculum stands out from other universities in many ways.
    •First, you pick seven out of the eight courses you take, which gives you freedom in your studies.
    •Second, our program can be completed in one calendar year. If you meet all prerequisites, if you would complete 3 courses in the fall, 2 courses in the summer, and 3 courses in the spring you will be eligible to graduate in one calendar year.
    •Third, our program does not require you to complete a thesis or graduate project. This is an option you may choose but it is not required."
  16. dl_mba

    dl_mba Member

    Looks like the same guy is logging in with different names. Not clear about what his needs and wants are.
  17. eappan

    eappan New Member

    Need info about MS from UIS and other similar online schools.

    If any of the following users can give some insights, it will be very helpful.

    oligarchy, baystboy, tobexmastermind, kleos or other current students
    1. Did you take up the MS CS program from UIS? Or some other University?
    2. How was the online course experience?
    3. How many semesters or months it took to complete?
    4. Which other Universities are recommended?
    5. Does 3-year Mathematics degree eligible? (I have years of IT experience and also done PG courses in Computer technology).
  18. Gau555

    Gau555 New Member

    I'm currently a UIS MSCS student. I'm halfway through, so I'll be happy to answer your questions!

    1. Did you take up the MS CS program from UIS? Or some other University?
    Halfway through. My undergrad CS classes were from the University of MN

    2. How was the online course experience?
    You'll get what you put into it. Just like a B&M class, you'll get some amazing classmates along with some who either don't belong in the class or just don't care.

    3. How many semesters or months it took to complete?
    It'll take me 5 total semesters to complete it.

    4. Which other Universities are recommended?
    Go with whatever you can afford and has your areas of interests.

    5. Does 3-year Mathematics degree eligible? (I have years of IT experience and also done PG courses in Computer technology).
    You need to make sure you meet the general requirements laid out on the UIS site. General math and a few computer sci courses.

    One more thing about cost. Each course costs about $1600. I estimate the entire MSCS degree will cost me $12,800 before any tuition reimbursement from my work. If you still need some classes (discrete math, etc), it'll be more.

    Good luck.
  19. jam937

    jam937 New Member

    1. Did you take up the MS CS program from UIS? Or some other University?
    I am in the UIS MSCS program now and very glad I chose this program.

    2. How was the online course experience?
    Overall its been very good for me. Half of the courses have been fairly easy for me do to my 20 years of experience in IT. Half have been more challenging. It depends a lot on your course selection since it's all student choice for courses. Most courses require hands on assignments and projects. Writing code or configuring something. Only one out of six courses has required a proctored exam so far. I spend 15-20 hours per week total.

    3. How many semesters or months it took to complete?
    For me it's going to be fall (12cr), spring (12cr), summer (4cr) and fall (8cr). It can be done in fall-spring-summer if you don't have any prerequisites. I had to take one prerequisite and they won't let me take 3 courses for the summer semester as its an accelerated 8 week semester. Even though I know I am capable as I'm not working this summer.

    4. Which other Universities are recommended?
    I spent weeks researching schools. This was the cheapest at $12k because online tuition is the same as in-state. It only requires 8 courses each 4 credit hours. Most other programs require 11-12 courses at 3 credit hours each. It's also a public school with good name recognition.

    Here's a website with the main accrediting bodies. They list their member schools and some have degree search ability.
    CHEA: Directory of Regional Accrediting Organizations

    5. Does 3-year Mathematics degree eligible? (I have years of IT experience and also done PG courses in Computer technology).

    This page lists the admission requirements. There are both math and computer science prerequisites.
    UIS Department of Computer Science
  20. Gau555

    Gau555 New Member

    jam - what class required you to have proctored exams?

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