Is the MIGS Forum a Permanent DegreeInfo Fixture???

Discussion in 'The Monterrey Institute for Graduate Studies' started by Guest, Dec 1, 2002.

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    Even though MIGS is history, it appears that the MIGS forum is a permanent fixture of the DegreeInfo discussion board. Whats up with that?
  2. levicoff

    levicoff Guest

    Call it a case study, Russell . . .

    Besides, we're waiting for one of the networks to pick up the story and make it into a TV-movie.

    I will be played by Brendan Fraser. We thought of Pauly Shore for the part of Enrique - but he can't master the Spanish accent, so we'll have to go with Paul Rodriguez (and Cheech Marin as Enrique's father).

    Playing Sheila? The choice is obvious - Phyllis Diller or Tammy Faye Bakker Messner.

    Seriously, there have been many degree mills that have experienced a downfall, but no school has done it with the, um, panache of MIGS. The best example we've ever seen of self-copulation by an alleged institution of distance learning.

    And that's why it holds a special place in our hearts. :rolleyes:
  3. Gus Sainz

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    Re: Call it a case study, Russell . . .

    When contacted about playing the part of Steve Levicoff, here is what the following actors had to say.

    Brendan Fraser: If I were to play Steve Levicoff, the movie would end up being a bigger fantasy than Lord of the Rings.

    Sir Ian McKellen: Absolutely not! The role, as written, is only superficially obnoxious, and the character is way too swishy; it would ruin my career. In any event, I’m committed to playing Gandalf.

    Rupert Everett: Although the character is quite a bit older than I am, with the proper makeup, I know I have the talent to pull it off. You see, sweet cheeks, I am a classically trained British thespian. As such (contrary to the popular saying), I‘ve got it; therefore I don’t have to flaunt it. Moreover, as the role calls for full frontal nudity, I would not be giving the character short thrift, if you know what I mean.

    If however, as rumors have it, Guy Ritchie is slated to direct the film, all bets are off, as "you-know-who" wants to play the coveted role of Dr. Levicoff.

  4. me again

    me again Well-Known Member

    What does "MIGS" stand for? :confused:

    I see people talking about it all the time, but I'm clueless.
  5. bgossett

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    For the acronym, look at the title of this forum. As to what the entity stood for, in a word - greed. :)
  6. me again

    me again Well-Known Member

    The Monterrey Institute for Graduate Studies

    • The Monterrey Institute for Graduate Studies
    Ah, okay. Sounds like a degree mill.
  7. levicoff

    levicoff Guest

    There was another lesser-known meaning for the acronym MIGS, which I learned when a member sent me the attached graphic (obviously a keeper). I will not reveal his name (to protect him from any action), but will simply say that it wasn't me who came up with this. (I wish it was, but I'm not that good at graphics.) I received it during the height of the "hoopla," and it provided some much needed comic relief.

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  8. Chip

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    Delightful graphic, one I'd never seen before.

    In sorting through files on my hard disk, I also came across a complete cached copy of the " vs. levicoff" website that Steve had posted, featuring some of the wonderfully incompetent legal work of Enrique Serna and Steve's always clever responses.

    At some point, will establish an archive of colorful stories about various degree mills and other related scams, and there's no doubt that MIGS (and, most likely, the correspondence between Levicoff and Serna) will feature prominently, along with some of the Les Snell (Monticello U.) postings, threats from various people (Bilal NASRULLAH, associated with one or more phonies, the Ratchford guy, the woman behind one of the phony accreditors for Trinity, etc) and various other things.
  9. nfghynd

    nfghynd member

    Nothing wrong with that at all ...

    Those in for the long haul, look at and wait for some action from the Ed. Virtual link !!!

    Bon appetit !!!


  10. Dr. Gina

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    Seems like it is!

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