Is it Worth Getting an Unaccredited Degree

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    I am not a fan of the University of Metaphysics but if you like the area, I would recommend looking at Sofia University that is totally legit. UoM would be ok if you just want to learn something for personal purposes but if you want to be licensed or a professional, you need to go to a professional University.
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    No, that's not what I was saying.

    Yes, degrees from candidate schools are usually treated the same as those from accredited schools, even while the school is a candidate. And once the school gets accredited, that same courtesy is usually extended to those who graduated before candidacy. This is due either to the thinking that the school must have been legitimate even back then, seeing it was eventually accredited, or that people don't compare the date the degree was awarded and the date the school was accredited. (My doctoral dissertation at Union said "they" don't even check at all most of the time.)
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    With all of the cheap and accredited degrees, why bother going with unaccredited?
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    Well, you wouldn't have to attend for many years. About ONE year will get you bachelor's, master's and doctorate. Frames extra. In fact, one poster here said they managed all three "degrees" in six months "due to previous experience."

    You're right - I feel such degrees are open to misuse by unscrupulous or improperly trained counsellors. As far as Church counselling goes, I'll have none of it, thanks. The idea of a priest, who is forbidden to marry or have a close relationship, doing marriage counselling, is preposterous to me. And counselling women on very personal issues - or anything sex-related for either gender - my mind boggles at the damage that could do.

    That kind of damage crosses faith lines. I've seen a Protestant cleric writing about the "dangers" of homosexuality on the internet. His take - teenage suicides are up because many teens who choose the Gay path find they've bought into "the Big Lie" (his exact term). According to this cleric, who has several legit religious degrees, they commit suicide because they see no other alternative. He wrote that those lost young lives help - they serve as a warning to other teens who may feel thy're destined to lead a Gay life. Pretty damn cold and callous, sez me.

    There truly IS no hate like Christian love.
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    Thomas Francis seems to be concentrated in niche areas that are not regulated and not for professional use such as Ufology, Paranormal, etc. However, you are right that the University of Metaphysics abuses the religious status and offers titles that can deceive people thinking that the holder is a professional psychologist or a business professional (e.g. Business Metaphysics, Metaphysical Psychology). I can use a title of PhD (M.Psychology) and be called M. Psychologist with a 6 month certificate from UoM.
    The schools should be regulated and restrict titles that cannot be confused with professional titles such as DD in Metaphysics or DMin but not PhD, MBA, etc. There are schools offering MBA is Christian Church Administration or similar, deceiving the public in thinking that the holder is a business professional.
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    Because accredited degrees take time and effort. You can earn a PhD from a Metaphysical school in 4 months with no previous undergraduate education, so it is an easy path for someone to skip university and just put a PhD in a business card so they can sell soul services, chupa cabra advise, crystal healing, quantum psychology, etc, etc.
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    In Ontario, the only people that can provide therapy without a license is clergy. You might not like Christian folks, it is ok but they are protected by the law. The key here is that you need to be member of the church so a priest can provide therapy, this way you are taking full responsibility for the therapy you receive.
    Again, let people be, you don't like Christian, Metaphysics, Chupa cabra or Elvis. It is fine, but others love them.
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    You're the same person who told us above, and a long time ago there are lots of unregulated areas in Ontario. And that people get "easy" degrees to give out business cards with a "PhD" (and that there was nothing wrong with that) so they would get one-up on the next mountebank, who hasn't got a fishy "doctorate," in order to make a few dollars in an unregulated field. To me, that's NOT OK.

    Some of these people stray into regulated fields and do great damage, anything from serious financial fraud, right up to death.

    But no.... I'll let you be. I know a losing battle when I see one --- sometimes.
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    So the least qualified are exempt. Wonderful. They have to have drivers' licences to operate their cars, but they can provide therapy with no qualifications. Wish I could blame it on Premier Doug Ford. I'd feel better. But I can't.

    The restriction doesn't stop unqualified, opportunistic people from starting up a useless, fraudulent practice.
    That's why I'm against "woo" degrees that have a therapeutic / counselling flavor.

    "Let it Be." - John Lennon.
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    And please quit putting Elvis and Chupacabras in the same category as religion and Metaphysics. As far as I know, neither Elvis nor Chupacabras can be used or misused to cause harm. Elvis spent much of his life providing entertainment that millions enjoyed. Yes, he had his demons - but he tried to keep them offstage.

    I'm told a good laugh is said to be therapeutic -- and can be had at no cost. Think I'm gonna try one about now. Gonna Google Chupacabra and see if there are any memes or jokes.
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