Is it reasonable to think that the world will be back to normal around december 2021?

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  1. SpoonyNix

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    It was a long time in the making and they aren't just going to back down. My conclusion is this ball is going to be kept in play for a very long time.
  2. Lerner

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    For me, the biggest question I have not heard yet is : are history T cells produced after vaccinations?
    If so, there would be no need for many shots but we see that a third shot is going to be needed?
    Since antibodies are gone with a time I ask if any history T cells produced???
    These should exist even after the antibodies are gone.
    It appears that vaccinated persons get infected or reinfected. Israel had a surge n infections. This fact would not support T cell production and storage question.
    In Israel people who got third booster shot especially among 60 and older the rate of infections is lower in comparison to other age groups so Israel in now administering third booster shot
    to agents 40+.
  3. Rich Douglas

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    It is estimated that EVERYONE who is not vaccinated will get the delta variant.

    So, you have a choice in your immunization process. You can choose the method that has protected millions from getting infected and millions from getting sick from the infection, all with almost no one having bad reactions to it.

    Or, you can choose the other method that has killed more than 600,000 Americans alone, and is now filling up ICUs all over the country.

    That's freedom, I guess.
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  5. SteveFoerster

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    Apparently so-called breakthrough infections are pretty common, so a lot of us who are vaccinated will get the delta variant anyway. The difference is that almost none of us will get hospitalized from it and essentially no one will die from it.

    I get it, I don't like being told what to do either. But I got vaccinated for the same reason I wear my seat belt, because I realize that just because public officials tell me I should do something doesn't inherently make it a bad idea.
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  6. Rich Douglas

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    Because that's how vaccines work. They're not shields, preventing the virus from entering the body. They build antibodies, a response force designed to repel the invading virus and reduce its impact. But that means you have it and--because this virus is particularly virulent (as it were)--you can transmit it to others, despite being vaccinated.

    Also, vaccines do not provide perfect protection. Some vaccinated people will get sick and a very few will die from COVID. But most people who do get infected will be just fine and might not even realize that they've been infected. (This insidiousness puts unvaccinated people at even greater risk, BTW.)

    Agreed. This issue was politicized, which drew in the gullible and angry. Sadly, that's a huge part of our population, which endangers us all.

    Schools are opening in large numbers in the coming couple of weeks. We will see tremendous amounts of infections a couple of weeks later, and then surges in hospitalizations. This will be trailed by a surge of adults getting hospitalized from these kids, with sickness and death to follow. America may be a very different place by Halloween. All trick, no treat.
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    At least some countries are starting to restrict travel again because of delta and the high infection rates. The US is once again rapidly approaching the "can not travel" list, if it hasn't already reached there.
  8. Lerner

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  9. Rich Douglas

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    Funny how the 1918 flu epidemic wasn't made into a political issue by one or the other political party. Sad, when you think about it. It doesn't just demonstrate an utter lack of leadership, it is also a betrayal to the American people. These politicians are traitors.
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    Unfortunately he wasn't vaccinated.

    I also have a very close friend who didn't get vaccinated and also his parents who are in their 70s and 80s didn't got vaccinated.
    All 3 got sick with Covid 19, around July 20th, the Father is in ICU in very bad condition fighting for his life.
    Mother is sick but doing better, she is at home never needed hospitalization and my friend also appears to recover.
  11. Rachel83az

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    It was politicized. But not the way it was this time. There was a war raging and people on both sides didn't want to/weren't allowed to report on the flu epidemic because it might hurt morale. Spain reported on it, though, because they were neutral. That's why it's the Spanish flu today.
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    Your facts comport with my understanding of the history, how the flu was handled and why it was named as such. But I don't see support for how it was politicized as I understand that word. The Spanish Flu issue was treated as a national security issue, but it wasn't a contentious issue between political parties.

    (Oh, and it wasn't just morale. Many countries were concerned about appearing weakened by the flue epidemic while conducting a war--or having their enemies know that they were, in fact, weakened. That's why I used the term national security instead of politics.)
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  13. Rich Douglas

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    Whenever I read/hear of another one of these, I don't experience schadenfreude. I just wonder how many other people that person infected.
  14. Vonnegut

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    Well, kids are back to school... and of course... argh! Thankfully only minor symptoms for the little guy, the rest of us tested negative (for now).
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  16. Lerner

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    My youngest son is a high school teacher, and he already has kids in quarantine for COVID 19.
    In his opinion the way things evolving he thinks they will be back to teaching on Zoom with in a month.

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